Why Teenagers Should Be Blamed for Unwanted Pregnancy Not the Society?

Pregnancy in days past was confined to married people and the elderly in particular.

In this generation pregnancy has seen to have no limit to teenagers, be they are married or not. This incidence keeps on happening in the society. Nowadays, the society keeps on judging, commenting and ever not helping to prevent this unwanted pregnancy problem.

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The argument here is who to blame for the unwanted pregnancy, is it teenagers themselves or society?There are two reasons why teenagers should be blamed for unwanted pregnancy. They are easily influenced by their peers, partners and media mass. Other than that, there are lack of support from the society to prevent unwanted pregnancy. First and foremost, the person who should be blamed for unwanted pregnancy is teenagers themselves. As we know, teenagers are really easily influenced by their peers and environment.

Nowadays, mass media always showed some element that have bad moral and ethics in their programs.For instances, some of movie shows part sex element or activities that is inappropriate for young teenagers. On the other hand, the society are not concern of the effect of this type of movies. Most of teenage peers usually influenced them to do social problems such as they do not know their limit with the opposite gender.

So that, it can be said to cause pre-marital relationship unwanted pregnancy. Moreover, when unwanted pregnancy occurs teenagers need moral support from the society to face this problem.In contrast, it is not support that teenagers are getting but the society keeps on blaming and condemning the teenagers for the mistakes.

For instance, the lack of parental guidance where the parent give them freedom to do anything they want so that, they can live freely and socialize with difference gender without limitations. When the unwanted pregnancy happens to them, their parent blame their child without realizing that this could be their mistakes too. Apart from that, their friends keeps away from them when the unwanted pregnancy happens.In contrast, parent and also society should be together to educate the teenagers with moral and religious values. It is really a significant factor that can overcome this issue. To sum up, unwanted pregnancy keeps on happening because teenagers are easily influenced by peers, partners, environment and there are lack of support from the society. The society and teenagers should play their roles to overcome this problem from happening.

Both parties will have to collaborate to prevent unwanted pregnancy in our society.

Author: Monique Schwartz


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