Television Is Dangerous

Some people argue that television is the culprit of destroying the family living and communication due to absorbing people’s time too much. People, therefore, have no time to talk to each other. I totally disagree with this opinion for the following reasons.

In terms of the personal level, television can not be the family living in parallel with communication. Thanks to interesting program, more things can be shared among family members, which strikes up conversations and gossip among people.As a result, fathers and sons easily become friends of same hobbies like watching football matches in spite of different generations. In fact, television plays a role in a family life. In terms of the family level, television also proves real advantages. Mutual understanding about each other through the social programs of domestic violence or juvenile psychology is cultivated by kids and parents.

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In modern life, it is clear that seldom do kids and parents have much in common. Consequently, kids become rebellious. It is because of television that bridges generations to a better relationship.In term of the community level, television is likely to shorten the gap between developed nations and developing ones. With punctually broadcast documentaries, we have deeper cross-cultural understanding and find it easier to communicate with oversea people. Moreover, television serves to facilitate people entertainment life.

Sitting in front of TV, people can learn how to do yoga from an Indian yoga expert in order to get a healthy life. To sum up, I reckon that television should not be blamed for destruction of family living and communication. Admittedly, television is part of human life.

Author: Norma Thompson


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