The Beauty of Living and Working in Japan

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Last updated: April 8, 2019

Japan has a rich history and a diverse culture.  Japan and its tradition experienced  changes throughout its history. Japan initially had a feudal system that transformed into a technologically-driven modern society.  The interesting part about the occurrence of change in Japan is that the Japanese people were able to maintain their traditional culture in the present age.  Furthermore, their development towards being one of the most competitive and wealthy countries in Asia and in the global market signified their pursuit for excellence and singularity.Japan is tagged as Land of the Rising Sun. Its past and tradition are fused with the contemporary lifestyle.

Advanced mode of transportations such as the bullet train and towering modern structures exist harmoniously with pagodas and rural wooden homes that  showed the fusion of the old with the new. The quaint charm of the Japan and its technological innovations make this country and its people interesting that is worth exploring.More so, the captivating  innate beauty and the numerous opportunities offered in Japan have influenced me to consider living and working in this beautiful country. Migrating and pursuing a career in Japan is a practical and enticing option for most foreigners because Japan provides an atmosphere of adventure and also offers several opportunities to propagate economic, social and cultural interests.

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Furthermore, working in Japan as an English teacher is a timely move because learning English is currently of high demand in Japan. Since the 1980’s, Japan’s economy have progressed making it one of the strongest market oriented economy in the world. Because of this, the need of learning how to speak English has escalated among business people as well as students and ordinary citizens.

As a result, many Japanese were able to travel to other countries that caused an increase in demand over the want to study English particularly for those who need to cultivate their English skills in order to immerse themselves to other cultures whether for business or pleasure. Since there is a market for teaching English, entrepreneurs have grabbed the situation and opened numerous language schools in Japan ranging from large corporations to small neighborhood enterprises.  (Sherard, 2007, “Travel in Japan”).

The fiscal growth for the past few years and the inclusion of English in school curriculum gave foreign English teachers an assurance that they can succeed in Japan.Given all these conditions, I think I would be able to create a very challenging career that is both personally and professionally rewarding. Living in a foreign country and assimilating with locals can be intimidating but I think that feeling is only normal for any foreigner. Since most English schools propose a lot of incentives to foreigners such as “visa sponsorship for applicants, subsidized apartments and others” to teach English, looking for a teaching job would be easy.

The trainings and seminars offered would also help applicants to have an introduction of the academic culture of Japanese (Cotter, “Live, Learn, and Teach English in Japan”).By doing so, aspiring teachers can create ways to integrate English with the Japanese culture. But the most important characteristic aside from being a professional is to have the passion to impart information, drive to learn new customs and tradition and to coexist with another nationality. I believe that I have all these qualifications and venturing another life in Japan would be an opportunity for me to show the Japanese population and the rest of the world what I am capable of doing as a teacher and as an individual.


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