The Case of Betsy

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Last updated: March 9, 2019

The field of abnormal psychology particularly studies the unnatural development in the different dimensions of human psychology and personality as affected by several factors and contributory elements.

This psychological study determines the significant forces causing and affecting the said abnormal development to determine the effective intervention approaches in preventing the detrimental effects of the abnormal condition. As such, the aspect of psychology views these abnormal conditions to be the effects of several factors such as biological influences, caused by environmental forces, hereditary elements, and effects personal experiences of each individual. To imply how the said elemental factors of abnormal psychology is applied, this paper shall be based upon an-actual case evaluation that shall involve an individual’s situation.In this case study, the subject of the abnormal psychology evaluation is a girl called by the name Betsy who has developed certain psychological abnormalities brought about by different elements she encountered during her development.

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In this initial part (stage) of the process, the psychological problems and abnormal conditions of the subject will be evaluated and analyzed to determine her psychological well-being and the likely causes and contributory factors to her problem.Through a psychological assessment observation and evaluation, it is determined that the problems and difficulties that the subject is experiencing affect most of her basic and important dimension of her well-being. First on the physical aspect, the abnormal body reaction of the subject prompting her continuous pounding, biting, and scratching have led to certain problems as signified by wounds, bruises, and other markings in her lower extremities. These are likely caused by her constant and ongoing activities of pounding her legs with her fist and other self-abusive motor reactions, which are likely caused by her psychological instability. Considering the psychological and social factors of her condition, the observations and evaluations have determined that she is very irritable, aggressive, and respond lightly to social interactions. As such, the subject is found to reject social ties and peer relationships and often chooses to isolate herself from her environment and community.

Her communication development is likewise abnormal as she only repeats certain phrases or the words of her conversant making it harder to initiate interactive relationship with her. Evaluating her mental capacity and condition, the subject is also diagnosed with retarded development on this aspect. Observation has determined that she lacks the ability to comprehend what she is reading yet she has an unusual ability to memorize and become fascinated with the materials presented. However though, her concentration is deemed deficient as she can be easily disrupted by factors in her surrounding. If agitated, depressed or bored, the subject resorts to self-abusive reactions prompting immediate attention and intervention to prevent her form causing detrimental harms to her body. In addition, the scientific test on her mental capacity, which resulted to an IQ of 55 in her age of 16 shows significant mental retardation. As the result of these several factors, the patient is indeed under abnormal condition primarily on her psychological, mental, and social dimensions.As determined, the patient suffers from different abnormal conditions affecting significant dimensions in her well-being causing detrimental effects to her development.

Because of the results gathered from the scientific observation and analysis, the patient indeed requires great deal of attention and concern to address her problems affecting her development. In treating her condition, several intervening approaches and psychological strategies must be implemented to address the issue causing and contributing to her problems. In doing so, the subject, with the help of the concerned and authorized parties , can effectively address her significant problems and issues thus, enabling her to cope up with her normal development towards becoming a healthy individual in the different dimensions of her personality and well-being.


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