The City and the Breeze

One crucial step could end her life in an instant. One little push could put her out of misery. One impulsive decision could stop all her insanity.The city looked strange and different to her as she viewed it from the roof top of her 10-storey apartment building. It appeared merely like checkered streaks of white lights sketching half the city of San Francisco. She was not sure whether it’s because it was the first time she has seen it at night or because this might be the last time she would ever see it again.

She tried to move her head to absorb the whole view in sight, but she was afraid to lose her footing. She hadn’t decided yet, so she closed her eyes instead. She could hear the distant sound of screeching tires from Columbus Avenue and rattling voices from Chinatown.Everyone was too busy and occupied that no one noticed a girl standing on the top of her apartment building and threatening to end her life. She could feel the night breeze gently caressing her silken night gown through the slender curves of her youth.

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The breeze was too gentle that it seemed aware of her thoughts and careful to not put her out of balance. In that moment, thankful that finally something cared about her presence, she let out a smile. She stretched out her arms as if welcoming the intimacy that her new friend was offering. For the first time, she did not feel scared of falling.She opened her eyes, at last. The city was blurred, then little by little, they came in clear view—the city, its lights, cars, markets, and people. She moved her head to the side. This time, she was not concerned about her balance.

Behind the thin clouds, she noticed a cluster of stars looking down at the city under them. The city was too noisy and too crowded with people who cared about nothing but money. She wondered if the stars were displeased too.Finally, she surrendered herself to the wind.

It was not a long fall, but she was waiting for past images to flash before her eyes. There was nothing but peace.



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