The Commercial Revolution

The commercial revolution in Europe was a fascinating time to observe. It set most of the trends of the modern period and helped to shape the future. The commercial revolution brought about many new changes in the modern period like biological exchanges, a major impact on work and large empires that are based on guns and artillery. All of these things shaped the new trends that many major civilizations would follow during the modern era. The commercial revolution brought about many ideas about biological exchange between civilizations.

The Americas were included in the global trade between all the civilizations, foods from the Americas were traded around the world like corn and potatoes. Other civilizations would begin to grow these crops such as Asia and Europe. The new foods from the Americas resulted in a huge increase in population in both of these continents. Europe gave new disease into the Americas and the Pacific islands, which would wipe out a large number of people from these areas. This population lost created new migrations to the Americas from other continents like Africa and Europe.

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Animals were also exchanged during this time period, horses was a huge exchange in the Americas because it made transportation faster and easier. Based on this trade there was a huge increase in populations around continents and also a huge increase of death because of the diseases that were being exchanged. Another trend that the commercial revolution set for the modern era was the pressure to work harder. In the early modern world it was commercial and crowded. An increase in population in regions brought about a demand for more workers to help sustain villages and families.A plethora of manufacturers and land owners tried to force their workers to work at a faster pace and do more work. In the Americas a new form of race slavery was created to work harder on production of general goods, and agriculture. In Europe Protestants preached that hard labor was a way to demonstrate God’s grace.

People of every age performed more strenuous labor task, and child labor had a large increase in a multitude of regions, orphans would be shipped to work sites to work on large projects and manufacture goods.Adults had to work to survive during this period and more goods were being demanded around the world. In the modern period you had to work if you wanted to live. The last way that the commercial revolution helped to form the modern period was the formation of Empires based on guns and artillery.

Empires that manufactured guns and gun powder formed large political units because of the high demand of guns. These political units became very powerful empires and would usually become a super power in the world.The political units would usually become a main place of trade. New empires were created in various places because of the manufacture of guns and gunpowder like in India, southeastern Europe and Russia. They made a huge amount of income through trading fire arms because of all the empires that were trying to increase their military power and the power of the empire through conquest and the conquering of other territories to expand their empire. This idea of conquest was the reason that guns were in such high demand.In conclusion the commercial revolution in Europe brought about many great trends and benefits, and helped shape the trends of the modern period by biological exchanges, a major impact on work and large empires that are based on guns and artillery. Because of the exchanges in Europe during the commercial revolution there was a huge increase of trade in areas like biological, manufactured goods, and new ideas.

The commercial revolution also shaped the work ethics of people during the modern period.The increase of work transitioned over to the modern period and helped increase the number of labor in empires in the modern period. The commercial revolution also helped the formation of new empires on gun powder.

Many empires in the modern period were funded by the manufacture of guns and gun powder and helped it to become a major trading empire and also a very powerful empire. The high increase of gun creation helped more empires to expand during the modern period. The commercial revolution was truly one of the most important factors to help shape the modern period.BIBLIOGRAPHY Stearns, Peter N. , Michael Adas, and Stuart B. Schwartz.

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