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Last updated: March 19, 2019

Italy, a country famous with pasta, pizza, great wine, beautiful beaches, and fine art, located in south-central Europe.

Its capital is Rome, a city famous with Christianity, the Vatican, the churches and fine art. I would like to go to Italy, there are a lot of interesting places that attract me! The reason that I would like to visit Italy is to eat authentic Italian food. Then ,meal that will be served is prepared with skills. The famous food in Italy is an authentic Italian Pizza Margherita, there’s nothing better than this.The pizzas there are baked in a wood burning stove. It’s cooked in the traditional method. So you can taste the original taste of pizza there.

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Pizza Margherita is a pizza prepared according to a recipe from the Italian chef, Rafaelle Espocito. The pizza was first made in1899 when Queen Margherita visited Napels to Escape a cholera epidemic in the north of Italy. She liked the pizza so much. So, Esposito decided to name it Pizza Margerita. Besides that, Italian bread is also tasty. Bread in Italian society has always been at the very centre of religious, family and social life.

Pane di Genzano is an extremely popular bread in Rome. It’s made from choice flour, natural yeast, mineral salt and water. The area of production is the whole town district of Genzano in the province of Rome. Another reasons why I would like to visit Italy is because of the Italy wine. As we all know that Italy is famous with many things, but perhaps it is most famous for wine.

Wine is very common on Italy, as tea and coffee in other part of world. The best known wine of Italy is Chianti, a Sangiovese-based red wine. We must taste this wine when we visit Italy.Italian art is the visual arts in Italy form ancient times to the present.

One of the famous painting in Italy is Mona Lisa! Mona Lisa is a 16th-century portrait oil poplar panel by Leonard O Di Ser Piero Da Vince. Venice in Italy has some wonderfun open air museums. The Venice Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Oriental Art is famous for its beautiful paitings. Well, these are the reasons why I want to visit Italy.

Italy is a beautiful country. The culture if Italy is fantastic and it has a long term of history.


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