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The era of World War I was no doubt a very significant and dominant phase of the global history, one which has played a vital role not only in shaping the kind of world that we live in today but it also changed the complete social, cultural, political and economical configuration of the world(Roberts , 1997). The consequences of World War I are considered to be very crucial especially when it comes to the modern structure of our society. The war has managed to cultivate into the people a synchronized feeling of harmony. When the countries fought for the war, their citizens stood united together for a common goal. This has brought a great unification amongst many societies and nations that were involved in the war, especially the European countries.This is one of the main key factors that have leaded the European nations to stand out amongst the super powers of the world. Like every other war, the World War I had also brought with itself a great revolution for those women who wanted to work. It had allowed the women force to be an important part of the society.

It was also noticed that the number of working women had raised greatly post World War I. In today’s society, it can be rightfully said that it is not possible to ignore the role of women in the working environment, they have come up as a dominant force and this would never have been possible if an initiative was not shaped through the World War I. It was witnessed during World War I that for the first time, the media played a fundamental role in manipulating people towards the war, whether against it or in favor of it. In today’s time we can witness clearly that media is an emerging power in the same regard. Media is now given the foremost position in the pillars of any nation or state.

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Only because it has a great power to influence people and hear what they have to say.When the World War I had started the governments of the nation who had participated in the war did not totally support the existence of smaller industries, they rather supported the ones which were large in terms of revenue and were also well established. This strategy adopted by the governments gave rise to the concept of mergers amongst the industries.

The most evident and important affects of the World War I which had disturbed generations before us, it bothers us today and it will keep on troubling our coming generations as well is the role of weapons and arms in the destruction of mankind. The World War I had witnessed countries spending huge budgets on defense, which has given rise to manufacturing arms and ammunitions for destruction and devastation.ConclusionThis sole impact of the World War I has brought a drastic change in our culture and our values within the society. People now are more self-centered and they seek to take revenge in the best possible manner, thus giving rise to crimes and illegal activities amongst people.

It is now clear that undoubtedly the World War I has brought within us and within the society many positive and negative changes but mostly the negative ones are very strong to overshadow the positive ones.


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