The Crucible

The Crucible Act IV 32. Salem has been affected by these several months of court proceedings, and they are falling apart. Because so many are in jail, children and animals run free. Everyone is confused and frightened by the extent to which the trials have been taken and fear that they will be accused next.

33. Parris’ real reason for pleading the postponement of the executions to save his own reputation and position in the town. 34. Danforth is anxious to obtain confessions because He knows that he made a mistake, but does not want to look like a fool after arresting and hanging so many people.He wants to look like he did what was right, so he says that John Proctor must confess and sign a document to save his life as well as Danforth’s own reputation. He refuses to postpone the executions because it will appear that he is hesitating and questioning his decision.

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35. Hale return to Salem to convince the accused to confess and save their innocent lives. 36. Elizabeth doesn’t beg John to sign the confession because she wants John to do what he wishes and “have his goodness. ” 37. Elizabeth has changed during her imprisonment because she has forgiven John and apologizes for keeping such a “cold house”.

38.Giles’s dies by He was crushed to death by stones because he didn’t want to subject someone else to hatred from Thomas Putnam over key land by divulging a name. He, himself, would die either way.

39. John Proctor finally tears up his confession and decides it is better to hang because he does not want his confession nailed to the church door before all to see. He claims that all he has left is his name and they won’t even leave him that. 40.

a. Elizabeth Proctor was spared for at least a year because she is pregnant. b. Reverend Parris ‘s reputation has been destroyed and he was fired. c. Abigail goes to Boston and becomes a prostitute.

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