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Last updated: March 25, 2019

I, <your name>, an undergraduate student, have been in the university for <#> years pursuing an undergraduate course in <course>. However, for the past years, my performance greatly dropped leading to my separation from the university. Luckily, I was readmitted last academic year on the condition that I would maintain a good standing for the two semesters. However, due to some circumstances, I was only able to get low grades; and this lead to me receiving a letter informing that I could not anymore continue my undergraduate course. For this, I am appealing to your good office to consider my situation and allow me to continue my study at your university. Stated hereunder are my situation and my justifications on why I deserve your appeal.

During my separation, I went back to Korea to serve in the military for 3 years as mandated by our law. Upon returning, I was confident that I would do better since I have undergone a tough training. However, since I stayed in an apartment with my Korean friends, I was frequently bothered by them because of their frequent partying and my grades went very low.

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To resolve this, I have decided to move to another apartment so that I could concentrate on my studies. Another important matter is my father, a doctor. He wanted me to concentrate on science courses; however, I am more inclined with communication sciences. A deep talk with my parents was necessary to convince them about what I really wanted.

This summer, though I’m not sure if I will have another chance, I enrolled in some Communication science courses since. This is to prove my determination to continue my studies at your university. Please give me another chance to prove I am worthy to be in this institution. Though I admit that I have faults with what happened with my academics, I believe that I can do better now since I have the full support of my parents and my friends.

I am now mentally ready to achieve academic success. 


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