The Effects of Modernization

There are many theories about the cause of modernization and the reasons we change with it. I believe that we are a society of free thinkers who are hungry for knowledge. The smarter we become the more we will change the world around us for good or bad. The future of modernization is only limited by our imaginations. Modernization is the process of social changes that began in Europe with the start of the industrial revolution and spread to the United States. This put us on the path of social changes that transformed in to the modern society that we live in today.

Modernization promoted a more balanced and logic worldview as tradition loses its hold and people increase their individualization. The trends that encompass modernization are urbanization, secularization, bureaucracy and developments in technology. Karl Marx had the theory the industrial revolution was a communist revolution. He agree with other theories by Tonnies and Durkheim when it came to the brake down of small communities and the division of labor and the rational world view as Weber had.In my perception of Marx theory is that the rich and powerful use bureaucracy and capitalism to shape society until conflict changes the face of capitalism.

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I believe in America capitalism is still alive and well when the wealthy can shape politics to conform to their ideals. “The philosophers,” claims Karl Marx himself, “have only interpreted the world in various ways. The point however is to change it. ” This argument fully reveals the basic ethos of Marxist philosophy. To interpret the world is to change it and realize human emancipation.Accordingly, the world can be better interpreted only through the praxis of changing it.

(Tieying, 2000) According to the interpretation of Marx theory by Li Tieying a president of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, Marx theory is meant to change as globalization, technology, and industrialization changes from generation to generation. Marx believed that communist society would ventrally create conflict that would change the world’s views. It’s obvious every day that modernization in America is still in progress with new innovations, technology and the mix of cultures is shaping the way we live and think.We have come a long way from the invention of the car and the telephone to having global communication at the your finger tips in the comfort of your home and the social changes in the acceptance of same sex marriages and mixed couples are changing the way we intrepid our religion and changing our communities. The change in the way we think about the environment will affect the way we heat our homes or grow food and ventrally end our dependency on fossil fuels.America at one time was a superpower and leader of technology advances, now America has competition from other leading countries such as China and the Soviet Union are fast matching are economic progress and brake through innovations and technology. The poorest countries in the world have limited modernization advances do to the fact that they have poor leadership and are over populated. With that said, modernization is not a worldwide trend for the simple fact that some countries are still years behind everybody else in moving forward.

The footprint that modernization leaves on earth comes directly from the things we do. Modernization is changes that are mainly designed to enhance life on Earth. Modernity can come from ways to strengthen an economy by making it wealthier, Helping people live longer with medical advancements, connecting the world by technology in globalization to keeping us safe and warm with nuclear technology.

All these things have consequences that are negative. Rarely do people think of the long-term effects of modernity. People are now living lifestyles that would require one and a half planets to sustain. The Herald, 2010) The modernization of war that is discussed by liberation of a county to protection of humanity fells to mention the lives lost. As man has become more modern, he has not necessarily become more humane. (Brzezinski, 1999) Modernity increasingly distracted mankind from the moral and spiritual dimensions and purposes of life. David Fromkin a professor at Boston University, wrote in his book, “The Way of the World,” ({F}room the beginning of the industrial revolution it has been clear that the way we live now has a central flaw: the cohesion of our society has been eroding.And, he briefly acknowledges that “all is not well with life in the United States today.

The witches brew that blends racism, poverty, joblessness, drug addiction, and crime continues to poison part of the society, and to haunt the rest. ” Brzezinski, 1999) Modernity has put a strain on our moral beliefs. Our self satisfying attitudes clouds are concept of right and wrong. Karl Marx’s theory of modernization is the theory I most relate to. Even though the United States looks down on communist countries that rule by oppression and do as I say attitudes we sometimes go to war with the false pretence of liberation when n fact it’s because we want that country to conform to our moral beliefs.

In today’s society wealth gives you power over people because it’s the wealthy that produces tools of modernization which changes the way we live. I also believe that the Marx theory is also changes as we change through conflict. The best thing about America is our ability to express ourselves when we feel wronged. Conflict promotes change even in countries like China. Even though they are still a communist country they have made changes to people.Most people may disagree with Marx theories, but when it comes to economic and the value of production and labor along with the separation of those who own the company to those who work at the company there is an obvious difference. The engine of social change in Marx’s theory – his historical materialism – is technological progress.

As technology develops and changes the way the economy works, so the power of different classes changes too. When industrial production replaced agriculture as the most important activity, the capital owners displaced the feudal landowners.The emerging class pushes aside the old dominant class and so for Marx, history is the story of class struggle.

(Cooper, 1996) In conclusion modernization has had a tremendous effect on life. Through the technologies of advancement life on Earth runs at the speed of light and is forever changing and the price of convenience can come with consequences that may be able to be fixed through more modernity but at what cost. One thousand years of progress? History at the millennium’s end; [2 Edition] Ian Brzezinski.Washington Times. Washington, D. C. : Feb 21, 1999. pg.

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Author: Ellis Mckinney


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