The effects of Performance on Audience

Music soothes and relaxes the mind of audiences. It is one way of showcasing talent and at the same time give entertainment. An exquisite performance can eventually bring audiences to a moment of joy or sorrow. It depends upon the performer’s capability and musical knowledge. One can easily transform a beautiful mood into something bad when the performance is atrocious.

On the other hand a pleasant performance can negate the sadness and anger of an audience.A good performance is not only the ability to convey the music’s notated structure but also the emotional metadata of the piece. Overall performance is assessed by how the audience goes out of the performance hall. If they go out wearing a smile, it means that the performance was a success. On the contrary, crumpled faces of the audiences will mean failure of the performance.It is vital for performers to know who their target audiences are. This way the chances of having negative outcome will be prevented. The performance will also determine if the quality of music and the message that the performer wanted to imply is grasp wholeheartedly by the audience.

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The goal of every performance is to catch the audience attention and at the same time absorb the theme or message as a whole. Although there are performance for a cause, the main point of having a performance is to keep the crowd alive and in union with the performer. A boring performance will eventually lead to audience walk out. It is also important for the performance to be adaptive to the audience. This way the listener’s musical interest is kept intact.The effects of performing on audience also boost the confidence and moral of the performer.

A performer who stands in front of a crowd lively and intelligently assures that the flow of the performance is best. More audiences may trigger the performer’s nervousness and stage fright but this is the usual feeling of performers. After having performed many times, the performer will get use with the feeling and sees himself/herself not afraid anymore.

Performing on audience also helps in looking for positive and negative traits of the performer. It will be based on the feed backs after the show which is given by jurors if it is a competition or by critics if it is just a program, concert r performance. Over all the effect of performing on audience is to know what makes the performer stand out and what needs to be improved.A performer’s attitude is also seen when performing before audiences. This is on how he/she relates with the kind of crowd.

There are instances that the performance is held on a strange place and it is for the performer to adjust to the environment and continue the show without getting distracted and keeping his/her focus. Regardless of who your audiences are, you are compelled to perform with the best of your abilities. Performers often finds themselves having goose bumps and cold feelings upon seeing audiences but then it will also make them more motivated to perform.Performing also inhibits positivism on the performance and the perception of musical expression by the performer. 

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