The fire engine

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Last updated: February 26, 2019

The fire engine red enamel across the top is six inches long and an inch wide. At the front, it extends down half an inch over the metal frame below. The enamel tapers to a point on both the left and right sides to the hinge at the back. A brass hinge connects the enamel to steel slide below. At the rear, the slide barely extends beyond the enamel. Near the front, the spring-loaded slide is three-quarters of an inch lower than the sloping enamel.

A sloping, from front to back, opening separates the slide from a steel base that it is six inches long and an inch wide. It connects to the upper enamel at the rear via the brass hinge. The base is three-eighths of an inch thick and near the front, one-eighth of an inch back from the front is a two-pronged depression.

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Directly above it on the slide is an opening with two sharp points sticking out, three-quarters of an inch apart. From the base to the top of the enamel is three and a half inches in the front, sloping to an inch and a half in the rear. Engraved across the red enamel one-half inch from the rear in white, cursive , flowing lines is the word “Swingline”.


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