The meaning of life

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Last updated: February 7, 2019

Life is very interesting. At least, everybody who has ever lived has had an opportunity to state his/her case.

Life in itself is not alive, until somebody begins to experience it. So, in actual sense, life is contained in us-and not us in life. Everybody has the potential to change life, but not vice versa. Thus, the fact that life is always a different experience to everyone who lived is true and substantial. To clear the air, life is being here. Life is made worth by us who have it. But one can only say that he is having a meaningful life if he can attach some value to the span of life that he has or going through. Suppose a dead man would arise today and a video about his/her life is played to him.

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He will be able to draw a conclusion that he/she either had a wasted life or a valuable life. Thus life can be said to be a gift that can be wisely spent or wasted away; but life is not tangible thing neither is it a service offered like in commerce.The meaning of life lies wholly in the individual who has it. Man may be evaluated by others to have lived a wasted or valuable life, based on some acceptable standards. Have you ever thought how you would judge a madman using this scale? Thus a time, the meaning of life is attached to the very surrounding and nature in which a man exists, but it can be changed. Biologically, a man is naturally molded by the environment to adapt to his surroundings. Socially, man can be said to posses the ability to mold his life to have a meaning. Whether you find meaning in life or not, the fact is that you will go on to live until the life is stopped, either by you or some other cause.

God hold the supremacy of taking life away from us due to the fact that he can still stop anything from taking away our life, or can willingly take it away. The power within us is not vested in the finding how meaningful life is, but on turning around things to make life meaningful. It is wrong and dangerous to entrust or leave people with the duty of making your life meaningful-unless you have not come of age.

It is in the actual activity of trying to make meaning out of things that great discoveries have been made-for example, Isaac Newton’s gravity issue. One can therefore, conclude that trying to make a meaning out of life can really be adventurous thing. What about sitting down to wait and find out the meaning of life? Sounds boring!Asking such a question like ‘what do I live for?’(Further, see may be a simple beginning of a discovery of the meaning of your life. Life finds meaning when you discover who you really are and what you have to offer with the very tools you have at hand. Remember that tools are designed for some specific use-even those with multiple uses can be categorized. The first realization of what the meaning of life is lies in the fact that you already have too much to offer in your hands and that somebody is spreading his/her arms to receive it.

Thus your potential is the key to fulfilling the meaning of your life, your positive mind is the key holder and God is the hand controlling all these. The realization of this potential is the eye to seeing the potential and your determination is the vehicle that keeps you pursuing the meaning of life. The meaning of life lies in the fact that there is still too much to live for and find out. Adventure does not fully define the meaning of life. Good or bad life is based in the quality of living.Everybody holds the potential to having a fruitful living. The meaning of life lies in an individual to discover and manipulate. Giving up in life should not be a passenger inside the vehicle of determination owned by those who are pursuing the meaning of life and discover that they still have too much to live for.   


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