The module

The module has added immensely to my learning of entrepreneurial and small business management and marketing.

The class was very interactive and the presentations, case studies and seminars arranged and frequent interaction with entrepreneurs sharing their personal experience was enriching and helped in understanding the things involved in carrying out a small business.The course enabled me to understand the role of the entrepreneurs and small business management. It also provided me with a flexible background that will enable me to make career changes if need be and meet the demands of a continuously changing marketplace. Small businesses require creativity and an entrepreneur who is a risk taker.  Entrepreneurs view the world as an opportunity and generate a product/service to meet the demands, solve it, or progress it. In this procedure, they create new businesses, new jobs, or even new industries thereby strengthening the economic scenario. Thus entrepreneurs make a great impact on the potential economic growth.

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The marketing in small businesses has to be smartly done with complete knowledge of external and internal environments, assessing the problems and growth opportunities, knowing your product well and highlighting its competitive edge. However marketing in a small business has to be low budget that’s why most resort to word of mouth and work on customer relations to strengthen business.The course has equipped me with a broad knowledge of starting up a small business and the survival techniques by adept proactive marketing.

With this course I now have the ability to start my own business and be independent if required.



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