The Myth of the Crystal Skull

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Several crystal skulls have been discovered in different parts of the world since the late 19th century.

Although the skulls were found in various locations, they all shared the same distinctive characteristic apart from the fact that they were all made of crystal—the skulls had small circular holes on top. There are no known scientific explanations as to why these crystal skulls had holes on top running through their inner cavity, let alone why they were made in the first place. However, there is a myth surrounding the existence of these skulls.It is believed that thousands of years before the rise of the modern man a humanoid figure descended from the skies. The primitive men, women and children who witnessed the figure saw fire and ice swirling around the figure as he slowly came down. The figure is said to have been accompanied by a dozen or so giant squid-like creatures only that each of these creatures had stiff tentacles instead of what modern squids have. This observation is consistent with some of the remaining wall paintings found inside the caves in the desolate regions of the southern Mexico. Local residents close to the caves call the images “Chuvaloo” creatures which, according to them, have been passed on to them from one generation stretching as far back as to their earliest ancestors.

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The myth of the crystal skulls suggests that the skulls were not intentionally given by The Great Chuvaloo to human beings living in what is known today as modern Mexico and America.Residents recall that at least five crystal skulls were left behind by The Great Chuvaloo, four of which were scattered across the world and the remaining skull, the largest of the five, is the one under the possession of the octogenarian Anna Mitchell-Hedges in Canada. The crystal skulls are believed to possess magical powers which endow its bearer the capability to look into the future of the world. However, the crystal skulls would only make their powers manifest if they are gathered together under a full moon on a snowy midnight. Moreover, the holes atop the skulls which have been the subject of much debate among scholars and archaeologists is said to serve a specific purpose. It is not enough to bring the skulls together; the last step, according to the myth, is to link them together with the locks of hair from a virgin woman. Once all of these steps are satisfied, the skulls will float high into the air and from thereon flash holograms of the future depending on the command of the one who summoned the spirits from the skulls.However, it is also believed that there is a great consequence to the summoning of the spirits of the five crystal skulls.

A person who summons the spirits of the skulls would have to pay the ultimate price in the end—his or her life. Moreover, that person’s body after dying will turn into fragments of pure crystal. The person who dare touch these crystals will also be able to see the future and eventually will also have to pay the ultimate consequence, and so on for those who attempt to do the same thing. It is said that the only way to avoid dying and turning into crystal fragments if a person desires to collect the “crystallized” remains of the dead is to sacrifice at least five human beings in front of the largest crystal skull on the first break of day or before sunset.To this day, crystal fragments continue to be discovered in the most isolated parts of Mexico and the number of missing people who ventured into these territories continues to rise annually. It is believed that someone had already invoked the spirits of the five crystal skulls some time in the past and the curse continues to take its toll to those who dare gather the crystal remains of the victims of the skulls.

As to why the skulls were made of crystal, the myth provides an interesting explanation. All of the skulls came from a very distant planet where, instead of soil like the one here on Earth, the ground and the vast majority of the planet are composed of pure crystal. The planet was bound for destruction after the warring forces engaged in a series of fierce battles in their desire to rule over and take control of the planet. One of the most sought after artifacts in the crystal planet are the five crystal skulls and The Great Chuvaloo, well aware of the impending threat to the skulls and the thirst for power of the warring factions, decided to leave the planet with a few of his minions while their enemies were busy destroying themselves. In a final bid to put an end to the onslaught in the planet, the crystal skulls, while The Great Chuvaloo and the giant squid-like creatures flew away, beamed a very strong ray of laser from the eye sockets aimed towards the crystal planet and destroyed it.The power of the crystal skulls is said to have come from the spirits of the five rulers of the crystal planet who sculpted the skulls with their sorcery and with the sacrifice of five human beings whom they took from Earth. In order to grant the skulls infinite powers, the rulers decided to infuse their immortal spirits into each of the crystal skulls.

Although the powers of the crystal skulls are infinite, its powers can become void if and only if three of the crystal skulls were broken, which is why the five rulers sculpted the skulls from the toughest crystal minerals that can be found in the deepest parts of the crystal planet so that only the power equal to what could destroy the crystal planet can break them into pieces. It was through their sorcery which enabled them to sculpt the tough crystals, apparently leaving contemporary scientists baffled about the possible ways in which the skulls were made into what we know of them today.The myth surrounding the largest of the five crystal skulls is that it possesses the strongest spiritual powers, so much so that it is said to have created other crystal skulls on its own.

The myth about the largest skull among the five also reveals that the skull is capable of creating more crystal skulls whenever a virgin human being who has not yet seen human blood in his or her life would peer through its hole on top. The duplicate crystal skulls, although somewhat not exactly resembling the original skull, also contain powers on their own. These spiritual powers, however, have powers which are solely meant to hasten the healing process of human wounds especially those in the head. So far, eight other crystal skulls have been recorded to have been discovered in different parts of Mexico, South and Central America. The discoveries of these skulls might indicate that at least eight virgin human beings who have not yet seen human blood already came into contact with the largest crystal skulls before it was discovered early in the 20th century.The existence of eight more crystal skulls somehow relates to the painted images of at least thirty crystal skulls in the walls of several caves in the desolate regions of Mexico.

These painted images of thirty crystal skulls suggest that at least seventeen individuals already came in contact with the largest crystal skull prior to its discovery. The myth also tells that one of the old chieftains of the early Mexican tribes once took possession of the largest crystal skull and sent his messengers across the farthest ends of the lands in search for virgin people who have not yet seen human blood in their lives. The long search, according to the myth, is meant to create more crystal skulls with spiritual powers of healing which the chieftain can use to heal his warriors in times of war with the other tribes.So far, only thirteen of the total of thirty crystal skulls has been found.

The remaining seventeen crystal skulls that are yet to be discovered, presuming that the wall paintings in the caves indicated that there were more crystal skulls than what has already been found, may suggest that the largest crystal skull is still capable of producing more of its kind as far as the myth is concerned.ReferenceStrange Artifacts: Crystal Skulls.   Retrieved March 8, 2009, from 


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