The Profit in Cosmetology

Man is imbued with the concept of beauty as early as his eyes were opened at the time of his birth. Though he may not know to judge among what he sees, he is able to discriminate what he likes and what seems suitable for his living. During my childhood, I really appreciated the concept of beautification ranging from garden works, dresses, make-ups, cosmetics, and the art of nail polishing. Although I didn’t give much time concentrating on how it is practiced, I still have the passion to learn something about it.As I grew, the concept of cosmetology became less talked but more practiced as I concentrated on my studies, busy spending time learning basic languages, and sciences.

Now, I got a chance to focus on the topic of beauty and cosmetology, as before, I got small chances of getting references regarding the said topic, but by the virtue of internet researches I was able to get some bits of information regarding the work and compensation of a cosmetologist.Cosmetology for me is rather a concept of cleanliness, good grooming and presentability as the history of cosmetology is centered on cleanliness. It traces back during the Egyptian age, where beauty and hair appearance became very crucial during their ceremonial sessions such as burial and religious rites. The Royal classes, during those times need to possess elegance and regal appearance to be more compelling to their people.

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These people also started the concept of spa’s and bathing with essential oils as well as playful use of colors for the face which was later borrowed by the Romans, Hebrews, Asians and Greeks. Cosmetics and beautification, however is not just centered on woman, but also with man such that they have varying hairstyles and make ups (, 2008).For them being beautiful is a symbol of cleanliness as I also believe that being a cosmetologist is not just centered in the art of beautification. As the history encompasses the culture of beauty, the arise of the cosmetological profession became a need in the society because most of the people tend to dress up before they go for work, go classes, and even just running for errands. Simple things make people aware of their appearance before going out.

As other people believe and likewise I do in the saying that “first impression lasts” is really important because the nature of man is to judge the physical appearance of each and everyone. The existence of pluralism in nature enables man to be subjected to different modes of grooming and making them presentable.This culture of beauty through cosmetics had continued in different versions through out the globe and one of which is very evident with the existence of annual beauty pageants wherein many cosmetologists are hired and paid for this job. In fact today, a good dress is never complete without a good make-up, hairstyles and presentable nails.

I firmly believe today that cosmetologists are not just beauty experts who are competent in their chosen career but more so, an agent for cleanliness.As agents of cleanliness, a cosmetologist is bound as a good example to the whole citizenship. His profession is not just to fix and beautify but also a part of the community as ambassadors cleanliness in and out. Today, as long as the media would prevail, cosmetics and beautification shall be ubiquitous and employment in cosmetology is very high.

The whole humanity today is more dynamic and does not lag in current fashions. With this, it is impossible for a cosmetologist to lose a job.Now, according to the Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) a cosmetologist is paid at about $30,000 annually for the services they have incurred.

Indeed being a cosmetologist is a profitable career. In terms of nail works and its related disciplines, the honorarium one gets is not just a product of his talent but more so on his competent creativity. At the end of the day, being a cosmetologist doe’s not just end in being a plain cosmetologist. As a matter of fact, with the enough money one gets, he can built his own parlor and manage it for better profit.

Currently, there are many programs which offer scholarships for budding cosmetologists. With the vast specialization in cosmetology, rest assured that it will also set apart from many other degrees. The talents and creativity of being a cosmetologist is never a joke nor something to squander on. Just imagine the world without cosmetologist.

It would rather be uncolored and dirty especially in appearance.All of these reasons kept me thinking about the future of being a cosmetologist. As a realization, being a cosmetologist is not just a trash career but rather a profitable career where you can be proud of.



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