The Psychology of Western Military Codes

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Last updated: March 26, 2019

In every branch of the military there is a job somewhere that is deemed to be the most dangerous even though sometimes opinions differ on this.  This depends really on what area of the company you are looking at.

  In the Army, there is a utilitarian standard that most aren’t ready for when they enlist.  Life here isn’t about decorations and material living but the bare minimum needed for training in all aspects.  Things are plain so in this there are limited distractions during exercises wether they be planned or unplanned.

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Closely related to the utilitarian lifystyle is deontological teachings where one learns of ethics and morals within the company and each branch and each company have their own set of teachings though they border on the same principles and all branches maintain the same utilitarinism.  Deontological teachings deals also with rights, duties and those withint the company learn these as core knowledge.  The focus on right or wrong and motivations is centered in learning of respect and not in learning through consequences.  With these utilitarian and deontological teachings, even the most dangerous job can be assured to be deal with safely and with respect as well as keeping in mind the rights and wrongs and how their actions will affect other’s motivations.  These two are definitely a team work issue.The most dangerous position on the ground are those whom become Fire support specalist aka MOS 13F.  These people must adhere to strict training and always be on the lookout.  There position is one that entails inbfantry and calvalry strike determinations, meaning areas that need to be hit by air strikes, artillery ecetera.

  Basically they coordinate attacks for airborn fighters.  The most dangerous man in the air are by and far the aircraft pilots.  This can simply be due to mechanical failure resulting in a fatal crash.  A pilot can be over tired, have a lack of oxygen or out of no where be shot down as they are the most visible targets.When enlisting in any branch there is a large lack of information that is not spoken of and unfortunately this isn’t very ethical as it isn’t honest.

  There are high risks associated with anything military MOS’s and the full extent of what one may endure isn’t revfealed.  This is in part because situational changes happens so abruptly and one never really knows what may happen but at the same time there is no or a lack of forewarning as to what may happen.  In many events there is a ratio to objectively look at and that ration is one of risk.  Is it acceptable and reasonable?  This will generally only be determined by the person to whom is in the position.  Where one person may consider it so another may definitely think that none of it is worth it.In the end, so much of what is considered the most dangerous job, the acceptability of risk really comes down to the individual.  An aircraft pilot may think the person on the ground has the more dangerous job of the two whereas the ground person may think the opposite.

  Either way there is always a risk factor, to some it is worth it, to all there has to be an ethical side to what they are doing unless of course they are sociopaths.One thing that is driven into each person of the company of the Army is training and maintaining that during active service times.  In losing this training then a person stands to lose not only their lives but other by not being physically and mentally fit and prepared for any situation they may be in.  It is a catch 22 almost everywhere you look but the rewards should be good for anyone who approaches and leaves the company with the right mindset and seeking help in the end should they need it.ReferencesTop 10 Most Dangerous Jobs.

Statistics and Workplace Fatalities in the US. [Reference: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) fatalities records, 2007]


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