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This easy seeks to evaluate the Renaissance period, and give a critical appraisal of the play King Lear during this period. Using a political and historical context and explore one verse of literature In England the renaissance was classified as the period which was named after the powerful English tutor Queen Elizabeth.

The first who ruled great Britain for 45 years from 1558-1603.. In retrospect looking back from the perspective of the 20th century, the reign, of Elizabeth tends to shimmer in the historical imagination.She reign for 45 years, she restored political stability, and she settled the religious question, at least in prehistoric England. She survives a powerful foreign enemy Spain, and she presided in all her splendor in a brilliant court and flowering of English Literature. At the time that Elizabeth presided to the throne.

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England as an allied of Spain was at war with France. Queen Elizabeth described at the time as the virgin queen, was the daughter of Henry V111 and Anne Boleyn.Henry V111 notably noted in history for separated the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church and turning it into a protestant nation from 1553-1558, Elizabeth served as queen during the greatest years of the English Renaissance.

This was a time of growth and expansion, and over surpassed achievement in English literature. Notably works by William Shakespeare Edmund Spencer and Christopher Marlowe. It was the age when Spanish Armanda tried to conquer England the Age of English prosperity and power.

Elizabeth reign was flawed with crisis and danger especially in the early years.When Elizabeth came to the throne it was a strong recognition of the illegitimacy of the Tudor line. A major landmark of this period was the transfer of power from Elizabeth1 to James 1, which happen in 1603. Elizabeth had produced no male heir and the pressure in who would be her successor was quite frightful, it raised questions which were parallel to the dynastic struggle of post war England. See (war of Roses) This essay will examine Elizabethan ere, in a political and historical context and explore one verse of literatureElizabethan era often classified as the age of the Renaissance was a unique period of history where humans improved their own culture by attempting to recapture some of the long forgotten civilization of ancient Rome, tremendous advancement in sciences and in philosopher’s thinkers. The creation of an optimistic Europe the age of discovery, progress was a new note, and new values which stressed freedom right and equally were emphasized. It was important that freedom rights and equality ran counter to what government believed at the time. (Guy 1998) Rene Descartes was a key philosopher at the time.

He had a enormous development of what we call rational. He believed that nature was a orderly system governed by human beings. Isaac Newton was a scientist he fundamental believed that law and science served a paramount purpose both on earth and in space “He states that l has seen further than others, it is by standing up on the shoulders of giants. ”. Thomas stated that the Elizabethan era developed some of the fundamental of European liberal thought important to him was the rights of the individual the natural equality of all man. And the artificial character of the political order.He also believed that a; legitimate political power must be represented and base on the consent of the people.

. On the opposite end of the spectrum there is a character called John Locks English philosophers while he agreed with Hobbs on the natural quality of all men most importantly that the government power was given by the consent of the most whole heartedly . Locke did not believe that absolutism was the way to go.

He believe that human being were good so they can be trust to form government as they require. He believed that they were a two way contract between the governments.This means that the people can dissolve the contact at any time, if they believe the government was not protect them or their interest. He believed that human being was good so they can be trusted to form government See Locke treaty one and two. . William Shakespeare was born and raised in Stratford –Upon Avon.

He had a classical education which may have influence his love for literature and poetry. He married Anne Hathaway with whom he has three children Susanna and twin Hamnet and Judith. He was successful in London as an actor writer and part owner of a company known as the King men.He wrote many tragedies including Hamlet, King Lear Othello and Macbeth his plays were very popular in the Globe theatre. Where he turns out work of exceptionally standard Shakespeare wrote 154 Sonnet see Bevington (2005) Much of what is known today of Shakespeare stems from research by modern scholar’s official’s records and legal documents paper.

The Elizabethan age is viewed so highly because of the period before and after. It was a brief period of largely internal peace between the English reformation and the battles between parliament and the monopoly that plagued the catholic.King Lear is a folklore tragedy composed by William Shakespeare after the restoration of the monarchy. In the first stanza the daughter of King Lear feature characteristics of early Elizabethan medieval which was commonplace ambiguous and unnatural it was perceived that to be a woman queen at this time was unnatural. John Knot issued a book called. The Crest of the Trumpet the Monastery regiment of woman.

He was attacked on what he believed was the unnatural nature of woman throughout the regiment of England. Both monarchy’s were ordained by God and held prerogative power.King Lear in his declining years decided to divide his land among his three daughters, which was illegal to divide sovereign power. Bossulet In Sommerville 350. At the same time Queen Elizabeth asks her advisors if she can give away some of her land Foakes 17. Neither had produced a male heir.

When Elizabeth came to the throne it was a strong recognition of the illegitimacy of the Tudor line. Similar parallel to Gloucester who had fathered a illegitimate son. Both were elders authority deeply rooted in religious and social convention and was challenged by an ambitious younger underclass.King Lear was challenged by his daughters, the queen by the invasion of Spain. the One events that may have influenced Shakespeare King Lear play was at this particular period in time there was a lawsuit a case which the eldest daughter of Sir Brain Annesley’s tried to claim her father estate by having him certified as Brian Annesley’s .

tried to claim her father estate by sister tried to disclose their father as being insane in order to take control of the property See Brian Annesley’s Conclusion The Elizabethan Era in England may be defined as a period of fundamental development, and shifting perceptions of the world.The transformation, from what was considered the dark and old mundane age to one which was considered to be a more advanced Golden Age in English history. It was a period of largely internal peace between protestant and catholic and between parliament and the monarchy that engulfed the seventeenth century. William Shakespeare was one of the world best composers he wrote King Lear during the Elizabethan era.

King Lear was an old monarch as he was elderly he no longer ha d the wisdom or facilities of a king as it is natural for an old king to retire his crown and divide his land to his daughter by applying a test of love.Heavens can only mirror the quarrel going on in Lear’s Kingdom. Science tests the validity of superstition which ran prevalent at this time The storms was caused by angry gods like human they seek revenge against those who have been disrespected to them.

Shakespearean King Lear play combines history, fiction and contemporary concerns of Elizabeth era with the timeless human experiences of love, betrayal grief and death era with the timeless human experiences of love, betrayal grief and death for this reason.King L ear transcends the time of it’s composition and continues to reasonable with audiences around the world to this day.REFERENCES John Guy (1988) Tudor England Oxford university press p 32 1SBN Patrick, Collin son (2008) Elizabeth 1 and the verdicts of history Historical Research 49-91. M C , Brad brook ,(1974) The Living Monument Shakespeare and the theatre of his the Cambridge University Press Emanon F. G. (1976) Elizabethan life Home, Work and Land, Essex Record Office V-3 pp 39-31 Barker Michael (1987), the words of the Holy Scripture. The University of Chicago Press pg 1987 31-47


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