The Right Stuff

Jennyffer Acevedo October 2, 2010 Team # 1 The Right Stuff The right stuff is a very vague term in the movie “The Right Stuff”. When it comes to identifying what the right stuff is we have look at what the ‘right stuff’ is for these pilots like Chuck Yager and what the ‘right stuff’ is for the other new pilots who decide to fly these planes as well. We can also analyze what the ‘right stuff’ is for the United States in terms of searching for a good astronaut and how this ‘right stuff’ contrasts to the views that the first pilots have of what the right stuff would be.In explaining these differences I will explain for each group what I believe the ‘right stuff’ consists of in terms of motivation, and abilities. For pilots like Chuck Yager the ‘right stuff’ is something that you’re born with. It is not something that is acquired through nurture but it is a part of your nature. In the movie “The Right Stuff” the general is looking for someone to go into the sky and wants to offer an extrinsic reward of $150,000.

In terms of motivation this is not ‘the right stuff’ for Yager because we can clearly see how he declines the offer of money and decides to do it simply for something intrinsic.I believe his motivation is for personal achievement and success. If we think of this in terms of a job there are people who stay motivated to fulfill their duties for the money and there are others who do it because it fulfills their inner self. Therefore in terms of motivation the ‘right stuff’ is more of a set of intrinsic needs that need to be met and define whether you have the right reasons like Chuck Yager to do a task. These reasons included in the ‘right stuff’ must come for emotional and personal satisfaction.

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Also when we look at the motivation we have to analyze what is the ‘right stuff’ Chuck Yager and for these emerging new pilots. According to the movie “The Right Stuff” In 1953 at the Edwards Air Force Base there are pilots doing this not for recognition like Yager but for something more extrinsic. While we already discussed Chuck’s motivation behind flying these planes the new motivation for these new pilots is recognition and success which in my opinion are more extrinsic.These new pilots are not flying anymore because they love flying and they want to prove something to themselves, which is the ‘right stuff’ in my view and Chucks. According to the movie “The Right Stuff” they are doing it for money, fame and also because the higher up the ladder a pilot goes the more the pay, the house, and recognition is augmented.

Finally we get a chance to evaluate what the ‘right stuff’ is according to The United States and according to the older pilots like Chuck. According to the movie in 1957 the Soviet Union was the first to launch rocket to outer space.The United States wants to find the best candidate with the ‘right stuff’. Their idea of the ‘right stuff’ is very particular.

They have to have college degrees and have certain experience and abilities. They judge Chuck because in their idea he doesn’t have their version of the ‘right stuff’. Chuck and all the others believe they possess the ‘right stuff’ not because they have a degree or are tailored mechanically but because they have a passion for which they will risk their lives and this alone gives them the motivation to achieve their goals.

In real life and in the world today everyone has a different idea of what the ‘right stuff’ is. Some people like the United States in the movie believe the ‘right stuff’ is to have a college degree, pursue the best job, make a lot of money and be successful even though they might not be happy doing what they do. Other people like the surge of these new pilots believe the ‘right stuff’ is what will bring them fame and recognition and even monetary or extrinsic value. Then we have people like Chuck



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