The Writing Process

Writing has always been a journey for people. We are brought to a different world when trying to pour our thoughts and emotions into writing.

Sometimes, writing can bring out the best in people, while there are those times when people write in order to release their innermost emotions. Whenever writing is required, it is also important that people for people to make sure that the paper made would comply with the different stipulations set for the specific writing module.The article shows readers how important writing is for people. For students, writing is considered to be one of the most important factors of their university life. This may be attributed to the fact that requirements in school require students to make use of writing. As mentioned in the article, writing entails a lot of process. Whenever one is writing, much effort is given, wherein research and good sentence construction are taken into consideration. Well written papers comprise the three main parts: the introduction, body, and conclusion respectively.

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Readers should be able to see the difference among the three, wherein a transition becomes evident.Furthermore, writing is not just about the individuality of people. Writing would become easier if writers would brainstorm with other peers. Blank minds would inhibit people from writing whatever it is that is needed. In addition to this, freewriting is the type of writing wherein people are given the opportunity to write whatever it is that they want to write. Normally, thoughts, feelings and emotions are the content of such papers. This is the medium of expression that other people use and are comfortable with. Furthermore, not much importance is given to the different factors of writing, such as grammar, punctuation, and organization.

This type of writing also allows the writer to express the much needed thoughts for required papers. Eventually, these thoughts are reviewed and corrected before being passed for class.Personally, I believe that following a writing process is helpful in the creation of well written papers. Whenever I have deadlines to finish, I had to make sure that I had enough time to write my papers. Forcing myself to write would make it difficult for me to actually send my message across. There were times when I experienced a mental block, for I forced myself to write when I was not in the mood. No matter how hard I tried, I could not make myself write a well written paper. Eventually, I gave up and tried when I was ready.

I would have my moments when I would ponder on and do nothing. This actually helped set the mood in order for me to write. When the paper calls for it, I would do some research about my topic, and read before writing. This would give me enough time to become knowledgeable of my chosen topic, and at the same time do the required paper work.Brainstorming is also a process that helps me with my paperwork. When I am having difficulty, I would talk to friends and peers about a paper that I am about to write. Eventually, we have an exchange of ideas that becomes an important part of my writing composition. Sometimes, I also make sure that I just write freely.

I give my hand freedom to write my repressed emotions. This also helps me to free my mind of the different heartaches, making it easier to write. I believe that some people find solace when writing their emotions on paper. Sometimes, this also becomes a good medium, which in turn may become published in the public.

Regardless of everything that has been said, people should remember how important writing is to the lives of people. May it be a requirement in school or a medium of expression, writing is here to stay. 

Author: Guadalupe Clark


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