The Writing Process

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Last updated: February 6, 2019

Writing involves a very simple process which in general can be classified as a mere arrangement of words, combination of phrases, and arrangement of sentences.

The first part of writing, like any other process, involves planning. During this stage, the author needs to ponder on the subject or topic of his or her written piece. He or she should determine the focus thereof and the message that he or she would like to convey. It is generally best for the author to write his or her ideas first on a piece of paper and later on determine the points that he or she would like to stress. Writing ideas helps since human memory may not be so accurate. The next step is to gather the available materials related to the topic and to sort them after based on priority and relevance. Sorting will help the writer choose the best material that will support his or her own views on the subject matter of the paper.

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The third step is to create an outline based on the materials gathered. This will serve as a guide for the writer in creating his or her piece. This will aid him or her in arranging the ideas that he or she would like to discuss in a logical manner.

After creating the outline, the author may start writing the actual paper. During such process, it is best to keep the outline at hand so that he or she will not be lost in his or her thoughts.After writing the piece, the next step is to read the paper and edit the unnecessary parts. It would also help a lot if the paper is read for the second, third, or nth time since this will help the writer pinpoint the minor and major mistakes in his or her piece. The author should not stop reading and editing until he or she is fully satisfied with his work.Consulting a third person may also help since he or she may see mistakes which the author failed to.

This is also a good test to determine if the message of the paper was actually conveyed.


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