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Title Page Adviser’s Recommendation Sheet Dean and Thesis Coordinator’s Acceptance Sheet Panel’s Approval Sheet Table of Contents List of Appendices List of Figures List of Tables Chapter 1 Introduction 1. Background of the Study 2. Statement of the Problem 1.

General Problem 2. Specific Problem 3. Objectives of the Study 1.

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General Objective 2. Specific Objective 4. Significance of the Study 5.

Scope and Limitation Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature and Studies Chapter 3 Methodology of the Study Chapter 4Theoretical Framework Chapter 5 Data Gathering Procedures and Output Chapter 6 Documentation of the Current Status 6. 1 Description of the Current System 6. 2 Hardware Setup 6. 3 Software and Application being used 6. 4 Personnel Chapter 7 Requirement Analysis Specifications Appendices Bibliography Resource Person THESIS PROGRAM MAIN DOCUMENTATION GUIDELINES All Thesis Main Documentation should adhere to the following standards: a.

Margins |Left |Right |Top |Bottom | |1. ” |1. 0 |1.

0 |1. 0 | b. Font |1. Text |Tines New Roman |12 |Regular | | | | |*Use Italics or single underline in emphasizing some| | | | |text | |2.Sub-headings and text All text and sub-headings should be in the following format as shown be an example 3.

0 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURES Sprague and Carlson (2005) identify the three fundamental components of DSS…. The methods, techniques, and tools are in great demand to bridge the gap between the Web and database applications so that smooth, interactive, and integrate Web-to-database applications are made possible (Frey, 1996). h. Bibliography (References and Citations) This section deals with the nature of reference materials (e. g. Books, Unpublished Materials, journals and Periodicals, etc. .

If one wishes to read further in the area of problem or corollary areas. It also speaks of the researcher’s awareness of the literature in his field and his critical resources.In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of ( Program Title ) by Thesis Adviser (month and year) ADVISER’S RECOMMENDATION SHEET ADVISER’S RECOMMENDATION SHEET (in bold characters, underlined, font size 14) This Thesis / Thesis Proposal entitled (in bold characters, underlined, font size 14) by Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Bachelor or Science in degree has been examined and is hereby recommended for acceptance and approval Thesis Adviser (month and year) PANEL’S APPROVAL SHEET PANEL’S APPROVAL SHEET in bold characters, underlined, font size 14) This Thesis / Thesis Proposal entitled (in bold characters, underlined, font size 14) by After having been presented is hereby approved by the following members of the panel PanelistPanelist Lead Panelist (month and year)THESIS COORDINATOR AND DEAN’S ACCEPTANCE SHEET THESIS COORDINATOR AND DEAN’S ACCEPTANCE SHEET (in bold characters, underlined, font size 14) This Thesis / Thesis Proposal entitled (in bold characters, underlined, font size 14) After having been recommended and approved is hereby accepted by the Department f Thesis Coordinator Dean (month and year) Chapter 1 Introduction 1. Background of the Study This section gives background information on the study by discussing any or all of the following in textual paragraph form: A. The general area in Computer Science or Information Technology where the study may be classified. Examples are the following: a. For Payroll, Inventory, Reservation, Library Systems, etc.

, the general area which may be discussed is Transaction Procession System b. For Expert Systems, ICAIs, etc. the general area is Artificial Intelligence c. For Editor Softwares, Utility Softwares, Compilers, etc. , the general area is Software Technology B.

The current state of technology on the general area leading to the current state of technology in the specific area. C. The specified company/corporation/institution on which the study is being conducted. A brief history of organization, some statistics (e.

g. number of employees, locations/branches etc. ) products and/or services, etc. D. General and brief description of the system under study.Opening statements about the main topic leading to your specific topic Discussions on the specific topic leading to your problem Causes and effects of the problems Presentation of a perceived solution to the problem 2. Statement of the Problem A. Current problems which are evident with the system or area under study B.

The problem of the study. This is identified by answering the question: What is being solved by this research or thesis project? C. This could be either in question form or as a declarative statementThe statement of the problem is clear, definite and logical statement of the major problem and the sub-problems if any. How to write the problem • State a general problem or issue of the current situation/system • State the problem fully and precisely in enumerated form • State the problem in complete grammatical sentence, punctuation is important.

• Provide justification to support the statement 1. General Problem PAHINA Educational Game Ex. 1.

How to create an educational and enjoyable role-playing game (RPG)? DTI – Integrated Business Machine System Ex. 2.How can the various databases found geographically dispersed across agencies and bureaus of the Department of Trade and Industry be integrated to eliminate current redundancies in data functionality, and system processes while continuously providing complete assistance to business seamlessly across the trade supply chain? 2. Specific Problems Ex1.

1 How to integrate graphics animation, sounds, and inputs using one programming language Ex1. 1 How to create an effective game engine for the system Ex2. 1 In what way can companies be linked to initiate seamless and fluid business transactions between buyers and sellers here and abroad? . Objectives of the Study 1. General Objective Ex. 1.

To create a role-playing game for the students of PLP which would interest, familiarize and educate them regarding the country’s rich ancient literature and at the same time give them a fun way of learning it Ex. 2. The group’s main objective is to create a web application that would integrate and harmonize the existing database driven systems of various agencies/bureaus in the Department of Trade and Industry to instate a singular tool that would continuously provide seamless assistance to local businesses. 2.Specific Objectives Ex. 1. 1 To be able to create tools which would be capable of manipulating and integrating graphics, sound and inputs.

Ex. 1. 1 The proponents need to create tools that would harmoniously integrate the graphics, sounds, and inputs such as graphic engine, map editor, scripting engine, etc. by the use of Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft DirectX Libraries. Ex. 2. 1 To develop a module that would facilitate the exchange of goods and services form one business entity to another by matching business via the foods and services they require and those they offer .

Significance of the Study A discussion on who benefits from the output of the research or thesis project Discusses the contribution/benefits of the study to: • Individuals • Corporations • World or humanity in general 5. Scope and Limitation • Discusses the boundaries of the system to be developed • Enumerates items that will not be covered by the study • Gives a general view of the features/characteristics of the output of the system • Assumptions made about certain things stated in this section Chapter 2Review of Related Literatures and Studies A. General Literature Survey – resources according to your major or area of study B. Abstract/Compiled Abstracts – crude sources of materials C.Bibliographical references – bibliographies of bibliographies D. Directories and Periodical Guides E.

Trade Literature • National Journals – research and development trend in the country • Information Journals – research and development at international level F. Go to Industry/Research Institutes/Government Agency/Private Corp. interview/visit site and inquire the following: • Inquire on their past projects, recommendations, future works that need to be done, problems encountered, limitations and coverage of works • Inquire about present projects G. Evaluation of Existing System Literature or background of the study will: • Reveal investigations similar to your study, how other researches approach the problem • Suggest method or technique of dealing with problems, suggest approach and strategies • Reveal sources of data • See your study in historical/associative perspective • Provide new ideas and new approaches


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