Third World countries

In the Third World countries, women’s role in forwarding change has become a foundation in community organizing. In most community-based organizations, women play important role in the process. The sector is made-up of both learned and used-to-be protected females who are directly concerned with the welfare of their families and the communities they belong.

Women from these countries take part on grass root mobilization since most of them are unemployed and are mainstay in their specific communities. They relate with the community more often and their network and influence are eventually significant and strong.In countries like India and those in Africa, women take a lead in efforts such as community organizing. According to Caroll (1983), with the system in the Third World, women receive direct impact of their compulsive effort. Thus, the time women mobilize their effect is affirmative and will certainly reap well in the future. Women as a second class citizen has been made obsolete, however, it remains to be observed and fought at fundamentalist countries such as Afghanistan. Women in fundamentalist countries do not initiate nor take part in organizing since the status quo does not allow them to do so.The change that has been brought about by women’s civic action in Third World countries does not just developed the communities they belong, but as well as enriches and promotes personal growth.

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Women coming from indigenous communities have found a way to develop themselves through women collaborative actions. Women development has been widely and strongly promoted that they have established a global network that assist one another. Assistance comes in varied forms; from financial, training and development, organizing etc.Women nurture their young, and their commitment and concern to their direct environment started to enliven. Women groups usually takes part to Reproductive Health Bills –  though sometimes women stands in different side of the road; in Education – since their children will certainly be the benefactors;  Environmental Issues – since they think so much of their children’s future; and Alternative Livelihood Programs – since mother women of Third World countries usually stays at home and tend their young.At the present, the success of women’s action since the post-industrialist era has become significant and remarkable.

Women’s right to suffrage is just one but perhaps one of the most remarkable civic action forwarded by women that changed world history, and politics. This might be an effort of the First World women’s groups but this is also well and proudly enjoyed by women belonging to Third World countries and/or Developing countries. It is a landmark civic action by women and has been made as an inspiration to all the actions moved forward by women. It has been well thought-of that women are capable of change. The change that women put forward does affect us directly, for women in our communities are sympathetic and knows exactly what is needed by their families and by the community they belong.



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