A Thug is defined as a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer in the dictionary. One may ask the question, what thing can make a person into a thug.

No one is born as a thug. Thugs are product of their personal experiences in life which initiated their feelings to rob, kill and do crimes. How does a person become a thug? What are the things that contribute to make a person a young thug?The first and most influential factor in everyone’s life is their family.

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A young thug usually has a broken family. His environment where he grew up is filled with violence, poverty and injustice. Children usually perceive violence as a tool for accomplishing something if they see adults do it.

Albert Bandera’s social learning theory clearly explains this. In his theory, a child can learn a skill by simply observing his surroundings. Thugs who grew up in a neighborhood filled with violence, robbery and fights will have instincts to be violent later on in life. They will perceive that what they do is the way of life of other people also.Second is education. People who did not get the proper education at home from their parents will need to rely on schools to teach them how to live life in a harmonious and lawful way. Missing out on good education will contribute for a person to become thugs.

Many values are taught at home but interacting with different people in school helps in applying these values. Furthermore, schools can teach children about morals and how different social norms are incorporated in our lives.In conclusion, many things go into making a young thug. The family system, the education, the environment, the personal experiences and how they go through their life greatly affects the transformation of normal law abiding child to a thug. This is why we must realize that thugs are not born.

They are products of society’s injustices, poverty and cruelty. There is a way to avoid these instances and it always starts at their most basic social system, their family.



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