Why Is Ti Important to Have a High School Diploma

Jeannette B. Terrell October 6, 2012 Essay “Why is it Important to have a High School Diploma” Not having, a High School Diploma will affect our lives, much so, that it will be harder to get decent paying job, and your self-esteem in most cases will be very low. It’s important to graduate, so that not only, to have a successful life, but to be a role model, for the people younger than you. The dropout rate is still high in 2012. I know for a fact that, the lowering paying jobs, is what is offered to a high school dropout, and promotions yiou were never receive, because you do not have and credentials.

How hard breaking is this, it’s very hard breaking, when you cannot support yourself or a family adequately, because of lack of education. A High School Diploma, is the foundation, which is required by colleges to enroll, most of all, employers want a person with a high school diploma, because it shows you have been, taught the fundamental of education, and have some common sense. For years, I lied about having a diploma; to me it was ok, because most time proof wasn’t needed.I wanted a position at a mortgage company, which I worked at, and couldn’t get it, because I didn’t have a diploma, first of all, but I didn’t have a degree, that was needed for the position of and mortgage underwriter. I felted sad, I also realized, that this was my entire fault, because I didn’t take advantage of free education, and cared more about being popular with, student going nowhere.

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I would be the first to say, having an High School Diploma, truly is the gateway, to a solid foundation in the work force and the social world.



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