Topic: Is the ability to read and write today are more important than in the past?

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Last updated: February 8, 2019

Alongside the development of history, the world today is changing quickly and noticeably. This leads to the change of human beings in many aspects as well as demands many important skills that they have to possess. Reading and writing certainly are the most important abilities of people in the modern society.

I strongly suggest that today, the ability to read and write is more important today than at any other time in the history.In the first analysis, it is the ways to acquire information. In the past, people acquired information just by face-to-face conversation or listening to radio. Nowadays, with the development of computers and informatics, Internet has played an important and indispensable role in the lives of many people. It is certainly the quickest path to get the information that you need. However, in order to use Internet efficiently, you have to know how to read and write fluently.

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Indeed, if you can read and write, getting news and documents from Internet will save a lot of time for you.In the second analysis, reading and writing abilities are now important requirements of the society. For example, you have to utilize them when applying for a job. There is no employer who would want to employ a person who cannot read and write.

Additionally, buying products via the internet is becoming a new trend in the modern shopping. It is a very convenient and quick method. However, in the internet, you have to select and order goods; send your address to the producer and so on. Certainly, if you are illiterate, you would be unable to use the internet to transact business. By and large, these abilities are more and more becoming essential in the new life in the world.In the final analysis, reading and writing abilities are also on high demand for the global communication today. There is a new popular tendency of people using e-mail or chatrooms to communicate with their friends all over the world. You surely are able to interact with your friend in a foreign country without using a telephone.

However, you must be able to read and write if you want to use the internet. More importantly, in the international business, it is very crucial to major in these skills. You have to read the contraries, write reports among other duties.In conclusion, I highly believe that the ability to read and write is becoming more and more important today than in the past, if you want to acquire information from internet, meet the demands of society, and be fully integrated in the international activities. I strongly recommend people to develop these skills in order to be successful in the modern world.


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