Total Quality Pioneers Paper

There are different definitions of quality and many people use quality as a means of acceptance. Quality is the “measure of excellence or state of being free from defects, deficiencies, and significant variations” (BusinessDictionary, 2010). Consumers are concerned with quality when making major purchases such as a vehicle, house, boat, etc.

, when choosing the groceries necessary for families, and when dining at restaurants. If the quality of a product or service is known by people as poor then the consumer will choose another means that can provide him or her with a quality that is expected.Because there are many definitions of quality, each meaning has common elements.

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The elements of quality include meeting or going beyond customer expectations, understanding that quality applies to goods, services, environments, and procedures, and the understanding that quality is a continuously changing condition. In other words, “what is considered quality today may not be good enough to be considered quality tomorrow” (Davis & Goetsch, p 5). Pioneer’s Use of Total Quality Although W.

Edward Deming is the best known quality pioneer, Joseph M. Juran is considerably near Deming because of contributions he made to quality.Juran created the Juran Institute, Inc. that is an “international leader in conducting training, research, and consulting activities in the area of quality management” (Davis & Goetsch, pg 16). Juran is known for the following contributions to quality: Juran’s Three Basic Steps to Progress, Juran’s Ten Steps to Quality Improvement, The Pareto principle, and The Juran Trilogy (Davis & Goetsch, pg 17). In Juran’s Three Basic Steps to Progress, the pioneer provides his opinions on what steps companies should take if they want to attain high-class quality.Juran’s Ten Steps to Quality Improvement are steps recommended for businesses to improve their quality.

The Pareto principle was named after economist Vilfredo Pareto. This is known as the 80/20 rule. This rule states 80% of quality issues in a company are caused by 20% of the problems (Davis & Geotsch, pg 19). Finally, The Juran Trilogy was this pioneer’s major contribution. The Trilogy summarizes the three managerial functions; quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement (Davis & Goetsch pg 18). Joseph Juran pushed for the education and training of managers.

Why Elements are UsefulThe elements of quality are useful in many ways in today’s environment. Each of the elements can help management understand the importance of exceeding customer needs and expectations. In today’s economy, businesses must understand the importance of quality and how it is related to their products and services offered to customers. After all, the elements play an important role in the success of the business. The Future of Quality The future of quality must continue to follow the trends of consumers.

Because quality can result in a successful or failing business, owners and management must continue to enhance quality.An organization may have its own unique ideas on how to ensure quality however the most important mission is satisfying the consumer. Conclusion Quality has several different meanings. The word holds significance meaning to expectations of consumers. The elements of quality are useful in today’s environment and help business owners understand the importance of standards.

After research on the quality pioneers, Joseph M. Juran is considered the father of present day quality management. His contributions altered the universe of quality.

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