Treaty of Versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles was supposed to be the solution for a lasting peace but unfortunately this was not so because of the military restrictions placed on Germany.  This work aims to identify these shortcomings and revise them in such a way that would not leave the Germans itching for another reason to start a war.First of all, the manufacturing of weapons was prohibited.  The type, caliber and quantity of weapons should have been the basis of arms production.

  The ban would leave Germans defenseless to armed incursions from other countries or the ability to defend their homes.Import of weapons should have been allowed since it would be dependent on the host country what type of arms would be sold and the quantity as long as it was within the precepts of the treaty.  This would also give the image that other countries were willing to help Germany.Export of arms should only be restricted to those which were imported and no longer utilized.  Thus there would be no stockpiling of weapons which can be used for offensive means.Tanks should not have been prohibited rather limited to the caliber, tonnage and number based on a number which is enough for the country to defend itself.

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  The same can also be said of military aircraft though the factor should be type and quantity.Lastly artillery can be allowed as long as they are of the fixed type.  These would be as a purely defensive measure since they cannot be mobilized for attack.The rest of the restrictions not listed here in my opinion were acceptable like the prohibition of poison gas and submarines since these were offensive weapons and not generally used for protection.In general, these changes might have averted World War Two by giving the German people a means to defend themselves while allowing a semblance of independence with guidance.Reference ListTreaty of Versailles.  Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia.

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