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Last updated: March 14, 2019

June 2003, my wife Yulia and I decided to take a vacation to England touring the country. We arranged the trip through a touring agency. With a group of 5 other adventurers we boarded a jet liner for the 8 hour trip to Gatwick airport in London. Upon our arrival in England we were met by Roy, one of our hosts and guide who made sure we and our gear were transported to the beautiful town, where we were to stay at a beautiful hotel. We were met by the manager, given our lovely rooms, and after a short time to settle in; we had a short meeting to outline the week’s activities.It rained the day we arrived so we all wanted to do a bit of site seeing. We went to some ancient cathedrals, churches, and even an antique shop that was so large that it would take a person a week just to see everything that they had to offer.

The rest of the week the weather held out for us, so we were in the fields for today’s detecting for pieces of English history. We would go from one field that had been the site of a medieval village at one time, to another field that had been the site of a Roman Villa, and then off to another that had been the site of a Saxon settlement.Roy’s knowledge of the history of the countryside is remarkable as he leads us from one period of English history to another. All the time giving us a history lesson and describing how the sites were set and how the people lived and carried out there lives. We uncovered Roman, Saxon, Celtic, and medieval artifacts and coins in every site Roy took us to.

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The accommodations at the Inn were fantastic too. The food was heavenly, and the folks that own and operate the property are very helpful and understanding of our needs. The owner of the field even came detecting with us on occasion being quite an expert in history himself.He made everyone feel right at home, and shared his advice in field hunting with and being a big help to everyone.

On one day my wife Yulia (feeling sick that day) was escorted back to the hotel by a tour guide. They even saw a British Antiques T. V.

show being filmed at the sale for later broadcast. Yulia said that the items for sale are so much more desirable than what you normally find here in the U. S. A. , because of the fact that what we think is old here, they think is still new. All in all, our trip into English history was a real adventure that we will remember for the rest of our lives.


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