Tv, a Negative Influence on Society

Nowadays, televasion plays a significant role in social and political life, acting as a tool for spreading information and forming people’s mentality. We cannot even imagine a life without TV, yet we should be fully aware the fact that on the whole TV exerts a negative influence on our society. First and foremost , TV is behind the rise of crime rate in modern society. Violence and sex shown on television encourage antisocial behavior and result in higher crime rate. Many crimals confess that their violent actions or attitudes to women were encourged by TV.

The rate of such crimes is constantly growing and more and more often they are committed y teenagers. They are especially vulnerable(??? ,????? ) to the violence and various sfereotypes promoted by TV, because the mentality of young people is still in the process of formation. Television’s impact on the morality of the younger generation can affect the future of our society negatively, and this is becoming a great problem. Moreover, nowadays television is greatly abused for commercial purposes.Advertisers try to convince the audience that the solution to a problem or the fulfillment of a desire can only be achieved through the purchase of a product.

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Advertisements are designed towards blind acceptance by the viewer. Thus TV negatively affects the human mind, by limiting the possibilities of conscious choices, and promoting an outrageous consumer society. Besides, aiming to cultural value of its programs. TV has become a temple of mass production, shallow values and stereotypes. This negative effect spreads with the growing popularity of TV.

It defiantly changes our society for the worse, trivializing culture and making us all conform to a bland “Hollywood” model of entertainment in which regional traditions and diversity are lost. Finally, many people spend lots of free time watching TV. TV programs reduce the quality of real life by narrowing people’s outlook, limiting the variety of free time activities, affecting family relations by reducing conversations, and even having a negative impact on health by discouraging exercises.At worst, as violence, aggression, and crimes are broadcast through the daily news, showing dark pictures that encourage psychological tension, TV may even lead to depression, which is a well-known psychological problem of modern society. To sum up, we should be fully aware of the negative effects of TV on our society and take necessary measures to reduce them to a minimum.

Author: Fred Lopez


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