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14. The fitness instructor will be a better _trainer_ if he knows the client as a person. 17. Lack of _calcium_ speeds the weakening of bones. 29. True or False: Individuals diagnosed with diabetes but who have no other primary risk factors are classified as high risk according to the ACSM risk stratification and require physician consent before they pursue an exercise program.

True 30. A fitness professional should consider the following before deciding if a participant requires a physician consent or referral to a clinic-based supervised exercise program: a) health status b) fitness test results c) desired level of physical activity d) present medication prescription e) all of these   e 32. ACSM recommends that persons obtain physician consent before they begin an exercise program if they have __b__ or more primary risk factors for CHD. a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 39. Which of the following measurements obtained during a submaximal graded exercise test is typically used to estimate cardiorespiratory fitness? a) heart rate b) ventilation c) RPE d) ECG     A 45. Male pattern obesity is also known as _b_ obesity.

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 a) apple-shape b) android type c) gynoid type d) a and b e) a and c 46. Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle group to:  a a) execute repeated contractions over a length of time sufficient to cause muscular fatigue b) maintain a specific percentage of the maximum voluntary contraction for a prolonged time c) contract maximally against a heavy load d) b and c 47. A muscle will only _hypertense__ when forced to operate beyond its customary intensity. 53. Which response best describes the factors that affect ROM? a) Decline in physical activity irrespective of age and sex may cause a diminishment in ROM.

 b) Females always have more ROM than males have. c) People`s genotype can influence their ROM. d) b and c e) a and c   b and c 55. True or False: One of the most important criteria to measure when administering the sit and reach test is the angle of the sacrum.

  False  60. ACSM recommends that individuals engage in a minimum of _b__ minutes of aerobic exercise each week. a) 50 b) 100 c) 150 d) 200 62. T or F: A circuit program does not require prior strength training backgrounds for the clients.

  T 67. What does ACSM recommend regarding the volume and intensity of resistance training for apparently healthy adults?  E a) Perform a minimum of 8 to 10 separate exercises. b) Perform 1 set of each exercises to the point of volitional fatigue. c) Perform 8 to 12 reps per set. d) Exercise each muscle group 2 to 3 nonconsecutive days each week. e) all of the above 69.

What is (are) the potential advantage(s) of using free weights instead of weight machines?  E a) Free weights are cheaper b) Free weights can easily accommodate both short and tall people. c) Free weight exercises more closely mimic athletic activities. d) a and b e) a, b,and c 76. Which of the following physical signs is (are) associated with overtraining?   E a) decreased body weight b) loss of appetite c) muscle tenderness d) only b and c e) a, b, and c 78. Most individuals can perform about __10__ reps at 75% of their 1RM. 79. Which of the following is a resistance training program variable?  b a) velocity b) intensity c) order of exercises d) choices of exercise e) all of these 80.

In general, which of the following exercises should be performed first in a workout? a a) plyometric double leg hop b) back squat c) leg extension d) abdominal curl 81. What is the proper term for a weight that can be lifted 10 times but not 11 times with proper form?  10RM  83. Which of the following muscle actions is most likely to result in muscle soreness? a a) concentric b) eccentric c) isometric d) isokinetic e) static 121. During prolonged submaximal exercise at about 60% VO2max most of the ATP comes from a) creatine phosphate b) carbohydrate metabolism c) fat metabolism d) both b and c    d


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