Type 1 and Type Ii Diabetes

Axia College Material Appendix F Type I and Type II Diabetes What are the differences between Type I and Type II diabetes? By completing this chart, you will create an easy-to-read reference that will help you understand how the two forms of diabetes mellitus differ. Use Ch. 13 of the text in addition to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Web site at http://www. diabetes.

org/about-diabetes. jsp to find details about the two types of diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus Matrix Form of Diabetes |Age of Onset |Defects in Insulin & Effects on Glucose |Risk Factors |Prevention & Treatment | | | |Metabolism | | | |Type I: Insulin-dependent diabetes |Normally it’s |For example: What’s gone wrong with insulin | For some it runs in the family a parent | There is no way to actually prevent type| |mellitus (IDDM) |discovered in |production and how does that affect the |may have it or brother or sister.Traveling |1 diabetes, but it’s important to look out | | |kids or young |body’s ability to fuel itself with glucose |may be a risk for some, or exposure to |for symptoms such as using the bathroom more | | |adults Type 1 is |(blood sugar)? |diseases such as mumps or if a person doesn’t|than usual, if you are always thirsty and it | | |thought of as a | |have enough vitamin D, because vitamin D has |doesn’t seem to go away, or sudden weight | | |juvenile |The body does not make enough insulin or any |been believed to protect the body from type 1|loss. | | |diabetes.In |at all, because of this the pancreatic islet |diabetes. | | | |this type of |cells stop creating insulin enabling them to | |Since this type of diabetes cannot make their| | |diabetes the |keep a normal blood glucose level, this can | |own insulin they would need to take insulin | | |human body does |also lead to symptoms of hyperglycemia.

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| |shots every day.The body needs insulin | | |not make its own | | |because it lowers blood sugar by letting it | | |insulin, so they | | |leave the blood stream and enter cells. | | |become dependent | | |Depending on the person blood glucose levels,| | |on insulin. | |determines the right amount and type of | | | | | |insulin the person needs, you cannot get | | | | | |insulin in a pill form.

It is very important| | | | | |to know how to manage your own diabetes, by | | | | | |age 14 a diabetic should be trained to give | | | | | |themselves their own insulin shot. | |Type II:Noninsulin-dependent diabetes |People usually |In type 2 diabetes the body does not work | There are some concerns of developing | The only way to prevent type 2 diabetes | |mellitus (NIDDM) |develop this type|well with the insulin, the body is insulin |type 2 diabetes they are weight gain, it is |is by keeping yourself healthy, like eating | | |of diabetes |resistant. So because of this the blood |believed that people who are overweight are |keeping a good weight. This is not | | |between their |sugar does not make it into the cells so that|at risk.The more fatty tissue the body has,|guaranteed, but it will defiantly keep you | | |40’s and their |they can be stored for energy, instead the |the more the body will resist the insulin. |healthier and put you at a lesser risk of | | |later years.

|high levels of blood sugar build up in the |Not getting enough exercise can lead to type |diabetes. | | |Type 2 diabetes |blood, known as hypoglycemia. |2 diabetes, it may run in the family genes | | | |is known as adult| |and a person’s age and race can be a risk. Treatment for type 2 diabetes would be to | | |onset diabetes, | | |monitor and keep blood sugar levels even, and| | |but times have | | |to keep the person from having diabetes | | |changed and | | |complications, such as death, stroke high | | |lately it has | | |blood pressure and, heart failure, but the | | |been found in | | |main treatment for them is to get plenty of | | |children.

| | |exercise and eat healthy. If these things | | | | | |aren’t working a physician may prescribe | | | | | |medicine in a pill form. |References Axia University of Phoenix, HCA/240 chapter 13, www. mayoclinic. com, www. nlm. nih. gov/medi.

neplus, www. diabetes. org/diabetesstatistics. jsp



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