The Ultimate Christmas Spirit

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Last updated: February 2, 2019

Jamie Bolon Mrs. Ruggieri English 11 – 7th period December 17 2010 The Ultimate Christmas Spirit You know that house that you slow down to stare at in the winter time because of all the gleaming Christmas lights? Well that would be my house thanks to my dad’s dedication to having the most decorated house on the block. Every year he puts on his hat and gloves and goes outside to get to work on the house.

He never seems to forget a single decorating starting from the Christmas tree cookie jar all the way to the wreath at the front door.He has an entire room 15 ft by 10 ft room in our basement dedicated strictly to Christmas decorations and other Christmas objects. His devotion to interior along with exterior decoration and tradition show his ultimate Christmas spirit.

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When you walk in my house during the winter time, you get an instant smell of pine from the multiple Christmas trees and wreaths on every door, inside and out. Walk around to corner and you will see an entire mini Christmas village complete with four houses, a car dealership, corner store, people, gas station, restaurant, a church, and trees.All of these have taken a lifetime of collecting and when ever my dad gets the chance to add to the collection, he jumps right on the opportunity. Every staircase is not complete without lights and a string of garland from the bottom to the top. In the kitchen, my dad has his Christmas iPod, complete with over 500 songs all of Christmas music, that plays 24/7. All of these different aspects to my house show that my dad has the ultimate Christmas spirit. The outside of my house is no exception to extraordinary decoration.

On every door there is a wreath and lights surrounding the doorframe. Every year on the day after thanksgiving my dad gets out the hundreds of feet of lights and prepares for a two day event of setting up all the lights. All along the rooftop, around the doors, up the pillars by the front door, and electric candles in every single window of the house make it light up the entire street. The three wooden reindeer set up on our front porch next to the lit up deer in the yard greet people into our Christmas home. All of these exterior decorations show my dad’s true Christmas spirit.The traditions that my dad has kept up every since I’ve been born show his amazing Christmas spirit.

Many of the traditions are normal ones such as decorating the tree with the whole family or picking out the tree together. However some of the traditions are not as normal like every morning on Christmas my dad makes crepes. Another odd tradition is when my dad, my brother and I are Christmas shopping, we always get Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner. While there are many Christmas traditions my family upholds, the most meaningful one is going to church every Christmas eve with my family, my cousins and my grandparents.All of these traditions prove that my dad has the ultimate Christmas spirit and make for a memorable holiday seasons, year after year. So my dad’s dedication to decorating the inside and outside of our house and his devotion to our holiday traditions show that he really does have the greatest Christmas spirit of all. There isn’t one Christmas in the three different houses I lived in, and the eighteen different Christmas’s I’ve lived through where my dad’s Christmas spirit hasn’t made it very memorable.


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