Under the Feet of Jesus

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Last updated: March 10, 2019

Helena Maria Viramontes’ Under the Feet of Jesus shows the maturing of Estella is a young Latina that seems to blend in many different phases of her life. The author, Helen uses Estrella give the book its quality and energy. Estella is a friendly character, who is used to symbolize the small amount of strength that waits at a person’s weakest point. Throughout the entire novel, Estrella serves as the tough base for the family and through the setting established; the audience is able to see her grow in her social, political, economic, and cultural knowledge.

Estrella’s mother, Petra, was left a long time ago by her husband. Estrella learns from her father’s loss that men cannot be trusted or depended on, and that women will usually always be left to take care of the family. Just as Petra has been abandoned physically by Estella’s father, and mentally by Perfecto, Estella soon will come to be abandoned by Aledo. The fact that Perfecto has not married her mother extends the idea of lack of promise made by the men in her life.Estrella knows that the world of men and women through her mother Petra and Perfecto Viramontes is insightful to the men in some ways, but she does emphasize that when the men abandon the family, the women are left to bear for themselves and their children. Estrella and Aledo’s relationship, serves as a major basis for the author’s claim in the idea of suffering.

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Aledo’s death represents how once a female is left behind.


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