Unprofessional Conduct Case Study

Dealing with Unprofessional Conduct Case Study Hiring Situation Due to our product, virile shortage share in the market compared with other products. It has to be a motivation for cooperation with HR manager searching for more qualified developer expertise to change the sharing rate in the market for our product. I will discuss with him our country’s law that govern the conditions of transferring employees between competitors working at the same field, under the mentioned trade Secrets act; the Economic Espionage Act of 18 U.S. C.

(Gossett, 1998). Discussing how to realize the principle “Employers should be encouraged to adopt compliance programs to address these issues before they arise” (Johnson, 2006). requesting him getting more applications to achieve the principle of multi choices for the qualified employees available in the market with equally chances and avoiding possible interest conflict between our stakeholders and closed competitors. PMI, 2006), I will request him to execute a non-disclosure agreement at the time of hire as a condition to accept him/her in the company, Because I am interested of improving the quality of Virile I suggest HR manager to recruit him under the quality functional manager if the decision is to hire him/her. Acquiring Situation As I notice unprofessionalism procedures of the chemist recruitment established, I have to stay professional by focusing on the real conflict of interest I predicted it, not the person (Sanghera, 2010, pp.

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399), First, I will open constructive debates with HR manager far from any violence.Listening to him and understanding our company point of view about recruiting the chemist within my group. Clarifying it may be a critical error because he did not sign a non-disclosure agreement and maybe he had a non-compete agreement/clause with the former employer. Remembering him with Pepsi cola experience when Quaker’s new firm competitors hire a high level executive was working in Pepsi to operate with them and the court exclude the executive from performing certain duties for Quaker for a time according to Pepsi Property rights (Wharton School, 2001).If I could not convince HR manager about my thought and I am sure now there will be a real conflict of interest and may be no respect of the property rights of our competitors. No way now, I repudiate to participate in this decision and taking all required precautions under my responsibility through administrative instructions and procedures under my leading.

trying from me to mitigate the predicted risks. (PMI, 2006) Execution SituationAs I was predicted many risks will grow up, the work environmental now not healthy, my team member starts to ask the new chemist about very detailed specification about the competitor product Smooth, I believe this is non-ethical, following the same last procedures of HR manager argument with my team, convincing them about the competitors’ property rights. However, by using the suitable precautions without, any practicing of coercion and force to impose my perspective between them I can mitigate this risk. (PMI, 2006) Closure SituationThat is what I was afraid from, all my advices, procedures, precautions and arrangements didn’t accomplish our target, I have to accept my accountability about this failure, and all other team member, HR manager all of them have to accept their responsibilities resulting from our error. (PMI, 2006) I have to follow the next procedures on the following orders. 1. Reporting officially the chemist that I warned you many times, and as long as I draw your attention that what is required from you is development not duplicated.

Listen Read phonetically Dictionary – View detailed dictionary 2. Raise and report accurately the unethical and illegal situation to HR manager and the appropriate top management with a suggestion of stopping the manufacturing of the product and the market distribution for many reasons. I. Save our company from ethical, civil and criminal liabilities. II.

Do not lose our company reputation. III. Not engaging me, team member and our company in dishonest behavior 3.



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