Upward Forward Bend

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Last updated: February 25, 2019

Paschimottanasana is an easy pose to do but Urdhav Paschimottanasana pose is relatively difficult and gets too intense if not done with the right technique.

While doing this pose I feel that it is challenging to lift both the legs and bring them near to my chest to attain a comfortable position. This pose also involves balancing and while doing so I feel a stretch in my torso and hands. My back is also stretched and my legs also get a good stretch along with my neck. It is very important in this pose to take a proper care while exhaling and inhaling and I want to be comfortable with this. I appreciate this pose as it gives a great stretch to my arms and spine and by continuous practice would strengthen them.

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Half Moon Balance (Ardha Chandrasana)BenefitsStrengthens abdomen, groins, hamstrings, claves, ankles, thighs, buttocks, spine, shoulders and spineImproves coordination and sense of balanceHelps relieve stressImproves digestion Contradictions/CautionsDon’t look upwards if having neck problemsHeadache or migraineLow blood pressureDiarrheaInsomnia Personal ReflectionsBalancing is always tricky especially for beginners but with practice the pose can be done with more comfort. I find this particular pose quiet challenging and I face some difficulties in pressing my right hand and right heel firmly into the floor. Once I am able to do this I feel a good stretch on my leg. I slowly extend my left leg parallel to the floor and try to maintain the position.

Rotating my upper torso to the left gives a good stretch to my shoulders and chest. In this pose, I use my lower hand to regulate my balance. I highly appreciate this pose at it offers multiple benefits and I would try to increase my comfort level with this pose to 1 minute.Chair (Utkatasana) BenefitsStrengthens the ankles, thighs, calves, and spine; Shapes lower musclesRelieves menstrual crampingUseful in conditions like joint pain and arthritisImproves immune systemWorks on liver, intestines and pancreasContradictions/CautionsHeadacheInsomniaLow blood pressurePersonal ReflectionsThis pose is very similar to sitting on a chair, except that I have to balance myself without a chair. I feel that this pose is easy to perform compared to many other poses. This pose helps me to stimulate my diaphragm and my heart which provides me the extra power to do this. My pelvis gets stretched as I maintain this position and my spine and back gets a good stretch too.

This pose helps me to tone my lower muscles and helps me to reduce extra fat from buttocks. The only challenge that I face while doing this pose is maintaining this pose for 30 seconds. I can comfortably do this pose for about 20 seconds and I want to achieve a comfort level of around a minute while doing this pose. I appreciate this particular pose as it has multiple benefits and tones the body. 


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