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Last updated: March 25, 2019

In general, every city around the World are similar lifestyle such as Newyork, Tokyo, Bangkok, Sydney. After work or school, you might hang around in a city, meeting with your friends or have a dinner with your colleague. While lifestyle in countryside such as Australia and Thailand are similar lifestyle. For example, if you were a farmer after work your would go home and have a shower then you might have a dinner with your family. Firstly, Bangkok is the Biggest city in Thailand also capital city.

People in Bangkok have many activity on the weekend also working days. Therefore, Bangkok has so many place for hang out.For example night club, shopping malls, etc. and after finish work or school, they often play sports or immediately go home. For sports they usually play soccer, basketball, etc. As for me, when I was high school student. I have played soccer after school then I have gone for a dinner with my friends.

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However People in bangkok just a little bit different of lifestyle. On the weekend, some family go to countryside while most of people stay at bangkok and they usually go to shopping malls for shopping or see a films. In the evening parents usually go for a dinner outside with their children.

For young people, they freqeuncy go to night club or restaurant for meeting with their friends. This is life style in the city. People in countryside are woking at farm, so they can meet all their family. Normally people in there live together in a big family, so in a free time , they would have a meal with their family and invite neighbours. On the week end, they have to go to a city for buy foods and things. Secondly, Australia is more larger country in the world but there has got much natural also big cities especially Sydney. There’s a big city in Australia, so there’s lots of kind of life style.


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