Values Morocco and Canada

Our world has several interesting and unique countries. However, each one of them has a lot of similarities and differences when we are comparing their values. Comparing Canada to Morocco shows many differences and similarities between the two countries; dress, punctuality, and these are just some aspects that show the differences between Canada and Morocco.

Since Canada is a relatively informal and relaxed country, the common dress for offices is informal to casual for both men and women and this may vary between larger and smaller cities, and also between public and private sectors.Moreover Canadian women put on little makeup and their clothes can be relatively conservative, but younger women can be seen in revealing and flattering outfits. In contrast to Canada, business in Morocco has been influenced by France, and therefore tends to be conducted formally, with emphasis on politeness; as a result, dress must be very formal in offices. In Morocco, businesspeople always dress well, very chic, and they pay lot of attention to the brand names of clothes that they wear. Unlike Canadian women who put on little makeup, Moroccan women wear a lot of makeup in the workplace, but dress conservatively like Canadian women.

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Another aspect that shows the differences between the two countries is punctuality, which is being in the right place at the right time. It’s one of many ways to show professionalism and without it everything would be chaos. In Canada, punctuality for meetings and appointments is a highly valued custom honoured by Canadian people. For them it’s important to schedule business appointments in advance and confirm the meeting a few days beforehand; the meetings begin on time, are well organized, and the people get down to business quickly.Furthermore, people have to arrive on time (10 to 15 min earlier) because punctuality is highly valued while lateness is looked down upon. Contrary to Canadian people, Moroccan people are not all punctual; some of them put on a wrist- watch to exercise punctuality and others only as ornaments for show.

Most of them never schedule exact times for meetings. For example, if a meeting is programmed for some time between 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm, people will arrive between 2:30 and 3:00 pm, unless the person responsible for organizing the meeting is very strict and insists that everyone be on time.Unlike Canadian people who finish their work quickly, Moroccan people like to take their time on work; a file that needs just two hours, can easily take the entire day. All countries around the world have their own values and even if we are living in the same planet, our countries have several differences and similarities. The things that countries share are more than they differ, but I think it is natural that each country has its own specific behaviour



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