Views of Men and Women on Food

Food is the most important need that men and women ought to have. This is the primary need that people need in order to survive. Foods play an essential role in the growth and the development of the health of an individual. Today, food is viewed differently depending on one’s sexuality. Today, men and women have different ideas about the role of foods in their lives. Men consider food as the primary source of their strength and power for everyday lives, while women view foods as the primary factor to consider in determining the beauty that is accepted by the society.

Foods are the primary source of health and power needed for humans in order to go about their everyday lives. Strength is often associated with the men in a society that is why man has to do everything to exhibit such actions. In order for man to portray strength, they do more work and consider food as the primary source of the strength and power that the society demands them to be.

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During the early days of their lives boys are demanded to eat more by their mothers in order to gain strength and power that they could use as they grow up (Wolf, 1997). It is here that we can see that for men, foods are considered as a necessity in portraying the role that society wants them to play.Foods are one’s primary need and are considered to be the main reason why people survive each and everyday. Deprivation of food will cause an individual to be weak and eventually experience different health problems.

Foods are supposedly life and energy giving, but women and girls view foods as the primary factor in determining the beauty that is rightfully accepted by society. Today, more and more girls and women deprive themselves of food, and their primary reason is because of beauty. This is because in today’s society women’s beauty is solely judge according to their weight. Eating more means gaining more weight. At an early age, girls are allowed to eat more, if and only if the size they are in is the acceptable size to be considered thin (Wolf, 1997).

That is why today, women eat less because ever since this is what is taught to them, to eat less in order to look beautiful and to be accepted by society (Wolf, 1997). It is clear that today; the foods play a crucial role in determining the beauty that society demands from women.Foods are the primary source of energy and of health. It is here that we could see the roles of foods to both the lives of a man and a woman.

It is clearly stated that each sex views food in contradicting ideas. For men, foods are necessary for strength and power, while for women, foods could be disregarded as a basic need just to portray the beauty that is rightfully accepted by society.

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