Visual Art – Reflection

Modernism is the time period in art that is dated roughly between the 1800’s. This style of art was mainly seen in Europe. Many artist in this movement formed their own ideas and techniques. Doing this made the artists develop new statements how their society should reflect the world. Some artists that have done this are Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock.

Vincent Van Gogh was a post-impressionist painter from Holland. He was best known for the vivid colours he used and the emotional significance. In 1886, Van Gogh stayed and travelled to Paris, France and collected Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints.After collecting the woodblock prints, a year later Van Gogh got inspired and made his artwork The Blooming Plum Tree.

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In this he used traditional Japanese letters along the border of the Plum Tree. Paul Gauguin and Van Gogh had much conflict between the two. They spent nine days together in Arles. During the nine days Gauguin admitted he was disappointed with impressionism and once Van Gogh heard he didn’t agree to this, he objected Gauguin’s statement and the two had a feud.

Because of this, this is why Van Gogh made a self portrait that was a mirror image with a bandaged ear.He got the bandaged ear because on the evening of December 23rd Van Gogh confronted Gauguin with a razor blade. Since Van Gogh was a bit of a mad man from depression and suicidal thoughts, he went to a brothel and cut off the bottom of his left ear lobe.

Thus the reason why there was a bandage on his ear. Most people believed that the drugs and alcohol that Van Gogh took reflected his artworks. Some say that they helped him draw emphasized marks and swirls on his artworks. In the end a lot of people didn’t like him but liked him after his death. This is when most realised he was actually a wonderful artist.Pablo Picasso, a Spanish painter and sculptor was in the art movement cubism. A lot of Picasso’s works are shown through what is going on in his society.

In his artwork, Guernica, Picasso showed the way the town has been destroyed. This painting shows the hopelessness and pointlessness of war. It shows what people in the society are feeling through brutality and tragedy.

The colours used in the painting show the distress the people of Guernica were suffering in the war. Black, white and grey was used to emphasise this. A sculptor done by Picasso in Chicago, Illinois, called The Chicago Picasso is one of many of his cubism sculptors.This was inspired by a French woman Sylvette David, who is now known as Lydia Corbett. She was the girlfriend of a man who delivered chairs made out of metal, rope and wood. Picasso was impressed by her high pony tail and long neck that he decided she was going to be the one to pose for his next sculptor and 39 other works. Jackson Pollock is also an artist who reflects what’s going on in his society through his artworks.

He is an American artist who did abstract expression works. Pollock abandoned all of the traditional customs of abstract art.He would lay a canvas on the floor or ground and just start dripping paint from an up-right distance. Because of the drip technique his paintings were all about action. His addiction to alcohol played a big role in the production of his paintings. It is said that when he was drunk while painting he is more often to do a better job. Pollock had a home in Spring on Long Island, NY.

Around his home, he found sticks and hardened bushes to produce his works. That was another contribution to his artworks from his society. In conclusion, all artists reflect their society through their artworks.



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