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Last updated: March 5, 2019

Vitaquest International, West Caldwell, New Jersey-based are a trade contract producer and multi-channel distributor of various nutritional products and its main market can be found in United States. The Managing Director of Vitaquest believed that their company has superb business model and a primary market position in the increasing nutraceutical market. They have been trying to place Vitaquest to become a foremost global player in the industry.MidOcean Partners, Vitaquest’s mother company concentrates on the middle market. Its aim sectors are consumer and leisure, media and communications, business and financial services and non-cyclical industrial sectors.

Vitaquest International has placed its niche in a global business with strong competitive products to make it into global niche. The companies’ strategic thinking is to sell some of its subsidiaries in order to stay afloat and competitive in the market. The newest action they took was to sell it to CK Life Sciences, an affiliate of Hong Kong-based Biotechnology Company that’s worth Vitaquest International a whooping $345 Million Dollars.The Company has a sole intention of developing its product and stays competitive. Their decision has affected their company in a positive way. A company doesn’t have to undergo several stages in their growing business, some companies took a great leap in order to stay competitive in a tight industry, In order to gain more customers and expand its market, and they have decided to sell its shares to one of the biggest market in the biotechnology company, which is CK Life Sciences. On the other hand, CK Life Sciences wants to expand its market and launch a product under a nutraceutical industry, and this is where Vitaquest enters.

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International presence and expansion are their best bet for their company to continue grow and viable to the market. Within five years, they are expecting to continue its increasing number of consumers who need their products, and Vitaquest strategic planning will be put into great use with a very advantage both for the company and its products.


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