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The Walkout tells the story of the 1968 walkout by high school Chicano students in East Los Angeles to protest academic prejudice and dire school conditions. Schools taught a curriculum that largely ignored or denied Mexican-American history and Chicano students were steered toward menial labor and away from college by counselors and school officials. This movie taught me that things have changed for us Hispanics since then because we are treated equally. Students were tired of being treated unequally and decided to take action and stage a alkout at five East Los Angeles high schools in 1968, to protest educational conditions and complain of anti-Mexican educational systems. There is a teacher who mentors a group of students in East Los Angeles, when the students decide to stage a peaceful walkout to protest the injustices of the public school system. ,he teaches them to have courage and to fight for their rights.

In the schools,students weren’t encouraged to go to college and in the end they all got together and applied and were accepted. Another Hispanic person who has made a big impact was Roberto Clemente.He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1973 becoming the first Latin American to be selected and the only current Hall of Fame for whom the mandatory five year waiting period has been waived since the wait was instituted in 1954.

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Roberto Clemente’s life ended on December 31, 1972 in a plane crash while en route to Nicaragua with relief supplies for earthquake victims. Always the humanitarian, Clemente was on the plane to make sure the clothing, food and medical supplies weren’t stolen, as had happened with previous flights. Walkout Essay By:Jennifer Peralta


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