Why I Want a Career in Epidemiology

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Last updated: February 6, 2019

There has never been a better time to study Epidemiology than now. The recent developments regarding the disease A(H1N1) (Swine Flu) proved that the human race is still vulnerable to new diseases and therefore studies about diseases should be enhanced. But this recent event alone has not made me decide to pursue a career in Epidemiology. Long before the first A( H1N1) cases made headlines in the world, I have already decided to take on epidemiologist’s path.HIV/ AIDS, Ebola virus, anthrax, even cholera spreading not just literally in the world but in the media have partly contributed to my decision to take a course in Epidemiology. The news spreading by itself was bad enough but when the danger became up close and personal, I became alarmed and made me decide to take it upon myself to try to find cures that would eradicate such threatening viruses.The most significant event that happened to me that became a major influence in aspiring to study epidemiology was when a friend of mine was diagnosed with HIV. His family had no history of having AIDS nor does he have an active sexual life that would expose him most to the virus.

He was practically a normal and moral person not involved in any of those stereotype activities attributed to the HIV/AIDS virus. “It just struck” became my mantra to cope with his condition; he was not to be blamed. Of course it is theoretically impossible to say that there are no external factors that led to him catching the disease. My combat with diseases became personal when one of friends became victim, and I believe I would only win this battle through my acceptance with your institutionThat unfortunate incident is what influenced me most in deciding to take on Epidemiology as a course. My goal is to help in research that could possibly heal and minimize the effects of diseases. With that accomplished, there is a chance that I could help not just my friend but many others that are unfortunate enough to acquire HIV.

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It is not just my friend’s personal involvement with a life-threatening disease that made me decide to give studying Epidemiology a shot, although it was a massive influence in my decision. I believe even if my friend had not acquired the virus I would have pursued it anyway because I discovered that I was somewhat interested in the subject of Epidemiology.Epidemics and Pandemics don’t just happen for no reason—a number of factors must be associated with the spread of a particular disease. The probable reasons for the spread interest me as well as the other relationships diseases have concerning the population at large. Thinking like a detective has always been one of my strong suits, and that is how I see epidemiologists—they look at every angle and figure out how things turn out depending on the circumstances.

Epidemiologists look at the numbers—the number of people involved, they also look at the patterns that connect a particular disease to a number of people (which diseases affect which kind of people) With the study of these patterns, epidemiologists can predict which people are likely to be affected by diseases and therefore can warn people before illness hits them.The power of epidemiologists to analyze data they have gathered and predict how a particular disease would behave and affect people also motivated me into dreaming to become one. And to become an Epidemiologist I must work my way through a reputable college, and I believe there is no other place where I can have this kind of education other than your institution. I hope I have given you an idea of my motivations for wanting to enroll in your college and I also hope that you would consider my application.


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