Why do you want to goto medical school?

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2 Pages; Preferred language style: English (U.S.).  I would like to upload my CV and a list of extracurricular activities afterwards. Please check these files so that the personal statement is accurate.

I will be using this personal statement you write as an example of the one I should write, so please make it the best possible! –MikeIn my personal statement, I would like to explain the reasons as to why I choose to apply at the medical school for doing a course in medicine in 2009.  I do feel that the intention of doing medicine is by the best option available to me this point of time.  I do perceive my attempt at gaining entry into medicine is given the consideration required keeping in mind my skills, knowledge and competency.

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Let me take you through a brief history of my past.  I was born on the November 20th, 1984 in Los Angeles.  My father is the manager of a small business and my mother is a homemaker.  I have two younger brothers, and I currently reside in San Bernardino California.  I am a Syrian-American by race, and unmarried.

  Currently, I do stay with my parents and my younger siblings.  My primary language is English and the other languages which I can read, write and speak include Arabic, Spanish and Syrian.  I am a citizen of the US by birth, as is the case with my younger brothers.  My parents are not well-educated, and hence, I had to help myself with my higher studies and making academic decisions.  I have chosen my career goals and objectives by myself, and my family was around to support me right through my academic years.  They wanted to me stand on my own feet, get married and have children soon.  My parents have always been a great support to me, and have appreciated my intension to pursue further studies.  The very fact that a physician would be present in their family has excited them.

  For them, I would be the first physician in my extended family.I would now like to highlight my academic career.  I completed my higher secondary education from Eisenhower High School, Rialto in 2002.  I went on to do my Bachelor’s degree with Biology as the major, and chemistry, physics, mathematics and statistics as minors.  I completed my graduation in the year 2006, with a GPA score of 3.268.

  In 2007, I have joined the Loma Linda University, California for a master’s degree in public health.  I have chosen epidemiology and biostatistics as majors.  My current GPA score in the MPH program is 3.81.

  In my current MPH program, I have a lot of hands on experience in teaching and providing community service.  I am involved in teaching underdeveloped community students of K-12 in California.  I have gained a lot of rapport with the students as they are able to interact with me regarding the subjects.  I am also involved in training new recruits about the HIPAA guidelines and patient rights.  I am responsible for coordinating the Students Associations meeting of the public health school.  Earlier, I had been involved in the doing a bit of medical billing work with the Loma Linda Child and Adolescent Clinic, from March 2004 to January 2007.  I was involved in managing a team of medical billers so that the tasks of catering to the billing needs of the clinic are constantly met.

  I had organized new processes and methods so that the tasks can be carried out efficiently.  I had also been involved in managing the patient medical charts as per the criteria laid down in HIPAA.I have also gained a few certifications and experience in the healthcare and technical field.  I have IRB certification which is valid till November 2009, and I have also got obtained an AHA certification in Basic life support, CPR and delivering cardiac first aid.

  I have been trained by the UCREHS in radiation materials and safety.  I have a reasonable amount of experience in graphic designing of printers and laser cutters.  This has helped me to understand how engineering precision tools can make our day to day tasks easier.I do feel that my experience and training in public health and biology has offered me a stepping stone to face the uphill challenges and responsibilities of pursuing medicine.  These challenges are a part and parcel of the course, and to solve them a lot of understanding and hard work is required.  When I was young, I may have not have the skills and the knowledge to understand and face these challenges, but with current experience and knowledge, I feel that now I am ready to work even harder to become a physician.


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