Why do you want to make films?

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Last updated: February 7, 2019

Art has always been a way of expressing one’s true emotions.

There were those who would opt to share with the world their thoughts instantly, while others would opt for the more traditional type, which is either through writing and art works. I, on the other hand, would opt to share my ideas through the production of films.Ever since I was a young child, I have always felt that entertainment has a soft spot in the lives of many.

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The little details shown on television and on films have influenced how people would perceive life. In so doing, I wanted to make sure that I would be able to share with others my true thoughts and emotions about everything that is happening around me.Creating films is not something to be taken for granted. For the most part, making films entails a lot of hard work and dedication from the side of students. One cannot just make films because these are hobbies—there must be more reason to it. Films are considered to be one of the greatest forms of art, for they are able to embody the different forms of emotions and thoughts that the story may have.For the longest time, we may conclude that movies are able to personify the true emotions and thoughts of individuals.

From the simple way of deciding the color of the actor’s clothes, one may be able to decipher the kind of emotion being expressed by each. These are then supported by their choice of words and the emotions being executed in front of the camera.In addition to this, the production of films would also become the way for people to share with others their thoughts and emotions about certain issues. Others who do not have the power to share their opinions would use the production of films as their medium of expression. In this manner, they would be able to artistically show another side of their opinions that others are not aware of. Introverts who have difficulty of sharing their thoughts with others would be able to express themselves in a more artistic manner.

Furthermore, it has been my belief that giving people the opportunity to produce something out of their imagination is helpful in an individual’s growth. Professionally, film making has numerous advantages, and would help people to work harder and achieve their dreams. In our own little way, we would be able to help budding artists to promote their intellectual capabilities and indulge in something creative in the real world. Life is short, and we should always make sure that we give our best in everything that we do. Indulgence in the world of film making would definitely become one of  my stepping stones towards a better future.     


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