Why I want to be a Women’s Public Leadership Intern

From a very early age, I have cherished a desire to work for the betterment of others.

I have been especially interested in health and protection of women’s rights. Based on researches and personal encounters, I came to realize that there are many instances when women are deprived of education, employment, and other essentialities of life. Women are always subjected to social and legal issues regarding their stand in the society, such as whether women should rule the country or not, or whether they should take on jobs that are performed usually by men.Women are often considered inferior to men ever since civilization has started.

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They were only expected to feed the babies, do household chores, and serve their husband or fathers at home. Most of these do not get any emotional or legal support while they are forced to lead a challenging life amidst a harsh social environment. Within any country, there are issues concerning legislation problems which lack sufficient power.

Because of this, women are unable to make much difference to the lives of other women who have been adversely affected by some unprecedented events. Hence, while I am pursuing my studies, I intend to gain some practical, hands-on experience in various fields related to women’s public leadership development. Through this experience, I will be more exposed to public policies that will benefit and promote women’s issues in New York City. In addition, I will be given more opportunity to be involved in researching and preparing legislations that will help problems concerning women and their families.

I am an immigrant who is lucky enough to live in the United States. I feel overwhelmed by the fact that I am studying along with foreign and native students of this country in spite of the fact that I am a woman. I believe that being a woman will never stop me to stand on my own feet and at the same time serve other people.

I had many unforgettable experiences as an intern in the NY State Assembly and U S Congress. I was able to know more about poor women who are denied of justice, employment, and other necessities. The women mostly involved in these public issues are women of color with babies. I observed that some of them are staring blankly into space, while some are talking and carrying on conversations as if an underprivileged situation is what they have been accustomed to. There are also those with the look of defeat and frustration in their eyes. From those encounters, reality hit me that there are possible ways of extending help to them, as my consciousness of the world and surroundings started to grow.

I started to do more reading and research on the conditions of women. I became aware of the widening issues about women in the society.Women usually do not have a voice, not only here in America but across the world. They need someone who truly cares about their welfare as well as their communities. These are some of the reasons that have inspired me to apply as a Women’s Public Leadership Intern at CUNY. I want to be the force between the exploiters and the exploited. I will find much pleasure in rooting out instances where the powerful exploit the meek. I have a strong passion for eradicating social injustices, and defending the rights and interests of communities in the lower strata.

My biggest reward comes from personal conviction and satisfaction that comes with turning the wrong into right, and contributing for the common good. I know that taking up this path will not be an easy road, but I have the courage and determination to pursue this path.I just hope that the community will not just pay attention to what I have to say, as this is not enough.

Thus, I aim to move the community members with my words and cause them to take action by and for themselves. In this way, I will not only be providing a service for my lifetime, but also for the unborn generations.The areas of public policy that I both find most interesting and relevant are those concerned with women who are victimized by domestic violence and abuse. This is because of the notion that women are born to be weaklings. The problem brought forth by the unequal distribution of power in intimate relationships in developing countries has caused not only oppression but also violence against women. Criminal acts such as rape, hitting, verbal abuse, and other related violent behaviors are being experienced by a significant number of women all over the world. I came to witness cases of these, and I can say that being victimized is never easy because the pain and trauma may remain even for a lifetime.

Thus, the domestic violence public policy has piqued my interest because I believe that saving victims who are trapped in traumatic and degrading experience is of utmost importance. It is in these circumstances that justice should prevail.Nowadays, many women are taking part in the world of business, and even of politics. Although they are still often underestimated, they now contribute to the success of many industries in the world.

This only shows that even women can lead institutions now. The belief that women could not lead a ministry should be deleted in the minds of most of the people. Hence, there is no point telling that women are inferior to men because they can perform tasks as men do, and excel in performing them.My academic and work experiences helped me in preparing myself for this internship program because I was able to nurture the necessary skills—from computer literacy skills to effective communication, research capability, even my interpersonal skills. I also have the driving spirit to help others and at the same time understand their diversities.

I have much interest in other ethnic groups and cultures and could not help comparing them with our ethnic and cultural beliefs. To help others, I learned that one should first understand them. Thus, I also studied other people’s interests, motivations, their frustrations, and even analyzed the causes of their rivalries. To put it simply, I studied people in order to be able to help them in my own little ways.  Moreover, my knowledge of and proficiency in three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, and English) will especially be most useful in communicating with women who speak the foreign languages I am most adept with.

As communication is highly important in discussing issues where women are concerned, speaking the language they are most comfortable with eliminates language barriers which hinder understanding.Having weak laws is tantamount to having no laws at all, as there are ineffective as far as extending help to people in need of legal assistance are concerned. Weak laws coupled with lackluster implementation practically rob people of their hopes, trust, and confidence on government. Hence, I started to include in my future goals that I will be going to law school. I would devote the rest of my life to shaping pro-people laws especially for the abused women. I have become fully convinced that with adequate laws, people need not worry about any of their needs. I want to contribute and to add whatever value I can towards the crafting of meaningful laws and statutes so that my fellow Americans of whatever ethnic background, of whatever social status, may feel secure in their own country.I believe that participating in this kind of internship will be very substantial and meaningful.

It will provide me a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn and discover many things about this field of study.  I want to learn how laws take shape from mere ideas, whose interests are actually being safeguarded by such ideas, how lawmakers take action in order to advance their ideas and convince their peers to support them and convert them into laws, and generally understand how the process of politics functions in our democracy. Participating in this internship will also give me the opportunity to meet different people from different walks of life, experts in their chosen fields, as well as fellow interns. I wish to be a part of an endeavor to acquire an understanding of public policies and at the same time in promoting women equality.

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