Ways People and Their Experiences Are Brought to Life Through the Distinctively Visual

In what ways are people and their experiences brought to life through the distinctively visual? People and their experiences are brought to life in a number of unique ways. Goldsworthy brings to life Paul’s experiences of new places and relationships using a variety of narrative techniques in Maestro. The Wachowski’s also do this in their short Anamatrix film “A detective Story” but employ visual and colour features instead.

Paul’s initial Darwin experience is brought to life by Goldsworthy.Paul is entranced and mesmerised by the exotic nature and appeal that Darwin holds. This is shown by the use of the metaphor “I’ll always remember that first morning; the brilliant furnace of the rising sun”. This furnace image of the sun becomes memorable to Paul and to the reader as it indicates that this memory is burned into his consciousness. The use present tense “I’ll remember” further indicates Paul’s initial entrancement.

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The use of metaphor and present tense allows the reader to see how Paul’s initial experience of Darwin was brought to life due to its exotic and mesmerising initial sun rise. Contrastingly, Andy and Lana Wachowski bring to life a grimy city underbelly in the Anamatrix short film, A detective Story. Unlike Goldsworthy and his use of language, the wachowski have used visual techniques to bring to life what is the darker side of a big city.The cityscape presented in A Detective Story is washed with black, grey and sepia tones consistently when different aspects of the city are focussed upon.

The use of these three colours in combinations give the city and older and dirtier look due to sepia bring associated with age and decay as well as black and grey being associated with uncleanliness and darkness. Like Goldsworthy, the Wachowski’s bring life to their city but bring about the negative aspects of the city as opposed to the positives of Darwin brought about by Goldsworthy.

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