Week 1 Quiz

Terms Richard was observing black swallowtail butterflies in the field.

Which one of these is an observation he made about a black swallowtail butterfly? The most valid and reliable test of the hypothesis, more pine seeds germinate after a forest fire, would include an experimental group of pine seeds that was recovered from a fire area and pine seeds that were — A student wanted to look at plant growth in five different soil samples. He planted the same type of seeds in identical containers and left them together in full sunlight.He gave each plant the same amount of water and charted the growth of each plant stem. What is the independent variable in this experiment? For the following statement, what is the dependent variable? Does the color of the recycling bins red or blue effect the number of cans recycled at school? The first step of the scientific method involves: Some insects can “walk on water” because: Carbohydrates are used for Lipids are used for Definitions The black swallowtail laid its eggs on a parsley plant. tolerant of fire.

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soil amount of recycling making observations. ater has a high surface tension structure and for energy. energy storage and for hormones. The instructions for growth, development, metabolism, and reproduction of a cell are contained in: The ‘sequence’, or order of amino acids in a protein is termed its ____________, whereas the 3-dimensional structure of a two proteins interacting with each other is termed its ____________.

Which of the following might be referred to as “working macromolecules”? A solution with a pH below 7 is A protein molecule which is denatured, has Enzymes will usually react with only one substance. This can be explained by he ‘lock and key’ theory. If this theory is correct, which of the following substances, represented by P, Q, R and S would be acted on by enzyme A? DNA primary structure, quaternary structure proteins acidic. changed its shape R Which element is present in all organic compounds? Which particles have approximately the same size and mass as each other? Changing the number of neutrons of an atom changes its: Of the following, which is the first explanation of a problem? It is sometimes called an “educated testable guess. ” Homer notices that his shower is covered in a strange green slime.

His friend Barney tells him that coconut juice will get rid of the green slime. Homer sprays half of the shower with coconut juice and he sprays the other half with water. What is the control set-up in this experiment? Which variable is measured rather than manipulated? Orchids were studied to determine if the amount of humidity affected the flowering of these plants. Which of these was the independent variable in this study? You want to measure the effect of different amounts of oxygen on the rate of yeast growth. What is the dependent variable? What is a solution that has an excess of H+(hydrogen) ions?The group of biologically important organic compounds responsible for storage and transfer of information is ________ mechanisms are designed to accelerate or enhance the output created by a stimulus that has already been activated.

An ______ is defined as a pure substance made up of one type of atoms and cannot be further subdivided into simpler substances by any physical or chemical means. All living things must maintain a constant internal environment to function properly through the process of __. Name four examples of compounds which are classified as carbohydrates.How does an ionic bond differ from a covalent bond? carbon protons and neutrons isotope hypothesis side of shower sprayed with water Dependent variable amount of humidity.

rate of yeast growth acid nucleic acids Positive feedback Element Homeostasis Glucose, Lactose, Starch, Fructose Ionic bonding transfers electrons to bond atoms together. Covalent bonding shares one or more pairs of electrons between atoms. What are four of the five unifying themes of biology? Evolution, Flow of energy, Cooperation, Structure determines function, Homeostasis



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