Welding: Occupational Safety and Health and Good Area Safety

Module 1 1. Accidents are more likely for employees in the age group A) 18 and under. 2. Body protection while welding is best provided by wearing A) pants with cuffs. 3. Which of the following is a correct statement? C) the recommended shade for SMAW welding is 10 – 14. 4.

The potentially toxic coating that is used in galvanized metal is A) zinc 5. To make sure your respirator provides proper protection, you must B) perform both positive and negative fit checks each time you wear it. . A confined space is one that D) is large enough that an employee can bodily enter and perform tasks. 7.

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A space with an oxygen level below A) 19. 5 percent is considered oxygen deficient. 8. A good area safety practice is D) writing HOT on hot metal before leaving it unattended.

9. A hot work permit A) authorizes the performance of work potentially posing a fire hazard. 10. Cutting operations should never be performed without a C) fire watch in the area. 11.Before performing oxy fuel cutting on a cleaned container, fill the container with an inert gas or C) water and position the container to displace as much air as possible from inside the container. 12. Because of its instability, the acetylene gas used in oxyfuel cutting must remain at pressures less than B) 15 psi when in its gaseous form.

13. Acetylene cylinders in use should be opened no more than C) 1-1/2 turns. 14. The potential for electric shock C) increases when the skin is damp.

15. An MSDS is a form used to B) list the contents, hazards, and precautions that pertain to a chemical or material.

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